5 reasons to start hammock backpacking

A man in a camouflage hammock in a forest and next to him, a backpack with some supplies.

Going out into the outdoors can be breath-taking, camping and van life are becoming increasingly popular, but do you know anything about backpacking? Backpacking in its simplest form is traveling or hiking while carrying all your belongings in a backpack. There are many ways to go backpacking, but have you heard about hammock backpacking? Below are some reasons to start hammock backpacking and which Ultra-light hammocks are the perfect travel accessory to take on your adventures.

A hammock and a piece of a boot on some scales, to show how light the hammock is

Hammocks are more compact than a tent

When it comes to backpacking, you’ll only need to take the most essential items and things that are lightweight too! It can be difficult to find a suitable tent that is lightweight and sturdy too. This is why we recommend our Ultra-light hammock range, specifically the Adventure Hammock Ultra-Light. This hammock is possibly the lightest in the world with an impressive weight of 18 grams! It’s perfect for travellers and is extremely durable. This hammock comes in 4 different colours and is the perfect travel companion for backpacking! Click here to view the product.

Faster and easier to set up than a tent

Yes, that’s right, a tent can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to set up and even longer if you’ve never set a tent up before. However, the Ultra-light hammocks are super easy to use and can be hung in a fraction of the time it takes to mess about with the tent and try to make it stand up. Come on, we’ve all been there! You can be nice and warm in the hammock and ready to rest in under 5 minutes, a perfect on-the-go solution.

A campervan in a desert, next to the campervan is a woman sat in a colourful, striped hammock

Hammocks are therapeutic

Hammocks are a great way to calm the mind and relieve anxiety. This is due to the gentle swaying motion which creates a relaxing sensation that causes the mind to become calm and sleepy. Here is a list of blogs we have on the positive effect hammocks have on mental health and even people with special needs:

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A hammock near a lake, with a green tarp over the top.

Won’t be at risk of flooding

Another great benefit of using a hammock for backpacking is that they are less at risk of being flooded. When setting up a tent, you need to be careful with where you camp as being close to a river or on easily floodable land can be disastrous. However, with a hammock, you can set up camp close to a river and not be too worried about flooding, not only can you enjoy the scenery but you can also enjoy being closer to nature. and if you’re worried about rain, then we recommend looking at our hammock-protecting tarps, this way you can be out in the open and not worry about getting wet.

More adventurous

Hammocks are definitely known for being adventurous and can be set up anywhere as long as there are two trees or posts to hang the hammock up. There are endless possibilities for hammock-hanging destinations it’s a quick and easy backpacking solution that is also more comfortable than sleeping in a tent.