Which hammock is best for a family?

Family Hammock

Hammocks are a great addition to anyone’s home and great fun for the whole family. A lot of our customers ask about the weight capacities of our hammocks and whether they are safe to use for more than one person. Our hammocks are categorised into 3 parts S, M, L, and L stands for Large, these are the hammocks we recommend to families and those who want to be on the safe side. We decided to put together this informative blog so you can pick the perfect hammock for you and your family. Below are the hammocks we think would be perfect for you and your family:

Paradiso Tropical Hammock

The Tropical Paradiso Hammock is an extra-large hammock that offers ultimate relaxation for the whole family. Made from gorgeously soft, snuggly cotton, which is woven to be ultra-strong, the Tropical Paradiso Hammock will hold up to 200kg and is an amazing 1.75m wide. It also has hand-woven extra thick cords to make it even more sturdy and durable. And in its stunning, tropical stripes, the Paradiso looks just as fabulous as it feels. Another great thing about this hammock is that it's sustainable! Click here to view this hammock.

Tropical Paradiso

Paradiso Terracotta Hammock

The Paradiso is your standard non-spreader bar hammock, but there is nothing standard about this hammock. It’s the perfect hammock for a family, in vibrant shades of red, this hammock perfectly complements your home or garden. A truly huge hammock, the Terracotta Paradiso XL Hammock is designed to be extra-large, extra-soft, and extra-strong. With a maximum weight of 200kg, the hammock is large enough for two adults to hang out together. The Terracotta Paradiso Hammock is traditional in design and is created from the softest cotton fabric to ensure ultimate comfort – all summer long. Handmade, and sustainably manufactured, it is perfect when paired with one of our FSC-certified wooden stands.

Colombiana Mandarina Hammock

Everyone, no matter what their age, loves a hammock and the Colombiana Hammock can be enjoyed by the whole family all at the same time! Trust us, it's a very special moment when you're cuddled up in a hammock with the other half and the kids - try it! This extra-large hammock has gorgeous pastel shades of orange, blue, purple, blue, and brown stripes. The Colombiana Mandarina Hammock is the perfect choice for two or more people to cuddle up together. Made from super soft, yet extremely tough cotton fabric and with extra strong thick woven cords, it's a lovely, comfortable hammock to suit the most stylish of gardens. The Colombiana Mandarina Extra Large Hammock is 1.60m wide and sturdy enough to support a weight of up to 200kg.  It also comes in a cute but practical matching bag.

If you’d like to see more of our large hammock range, click here, we have a wide variety of colourful hammocks that are big on quality and sustainably made, perfect to be enjoyed by the whole family, guests, and even your beloved pets too!