Easy Roman Inspired Costumes You Can Make With a Hammock

Got an old hammock and a need for an easy last-minute costume that requires minimal effort? We’ve got you covered. Whip up a costume in less than 5 minutes! With all of these Roman inspired costumes, we recommend wearing a white tunic underneath (you can just use an extra large white t-shirt or make one from an old bedsheet).  

For these costumes you’ll need:

- A pair of scissors.
- A pen or pencil.
- Some safety pins.
-Some accessories if you have them (optional).

Strapless Empire Waist

Empire Waist Hammock


1) Cut the end ropes off your hammock

2) Wrap the hammock around yourself as you would with a towel when you get out of the shower

3) Add a belt around the waste (using the cut off ropes to make
a belt if you don’t have one)

4) Use any remaining ropes to create a halter neck and attach them to the toga with safety pins.

5) Add any additional accessories such as broches to make your costume more interesting!




 Over the Shoulder Toga 

Over the Shoulder Toga

1) Cut the end ropes off your hammock.

2) Fold the hammock in half.

3) Trace a circle in the centre for your head to go through – large enough that the hammock will rest on your shoulders
but not so large that it will slip off.

4) Pinch the fabric at the shoulders to create some ruching and secure with safety pins.

5) If you have any large brooches, add them to the shoulders.

6) Finish the costume with any accessories you may have, such as a crown.






 Toga Cape

Toga Cape

1) Cut the end ropes off your hammock.

2) Fold the hammock in half.

3) Drape the hammock over your shoulders like a scarf.

4) Pull the back down slightly so that the hammock is covering your back in a u-shape.

5) Drape the ends over your shoulders so that they come to about waist length.

6) Pin the hammock to your tunic or underclothes at the shoulders. (Pinch the fabric for ruching if you want this effect).

7) Place any brooches at the shoulders.

8) Finish off with any accessories and some sandals!

Over The Head Toga

Over Head

1) Cut the end ropes off your hammock.

2) Fold the hammock in half.

3) Place the hammock around your waist.

4) Bring one side of the hammock up and drape it over one shoulder.

5) Pull the fabric up from the back so that it rests on your head and covers your hair.

6) Take the end of the fabric that is around your waist and pull it over your stomach so that it is covering the end draped over your shoulder.

7) Secure the ends together with safety pins and drape the fabric covering your waist over your arm.