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Expected Delivery Dates For Pre Orders The majority of the products on our website are in stock and will arrive the next working day. Sometimes, products sell faster than expected and temporarily go out of stock. Luckily we get regular deliveries, so Pre Order now to reserve your product and you'll have it in no time! We update this page regularly so remember to check back - Team Simply.




When will you get it?

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Amazonas On Route

contact hello@simplyhammocks.co.uk

10 working days
On Route

contact hello@simplyhammocks.co.uk

We're getting weekly stock deliveries
La Siesta
On Route Between 3-7 days We're getting weekly stock deliveries

*We update this page regularly so remember to check back

What does earliest and as late as mean?
When we place our order with the manufacturers we are given a delivery date. If all things go well then customers can expect their order by the earliest date. However, sometimes drivers run out of driving hours, they experience delays at customs so we put the as late as date to manage expectations and reduce disappointment. In most cases orders arrive on time, but we just want to be as open and transparent as possible. 

If you need a product sooner, remember we have hundreds immediately available here or you can call us on 01748 471 299 (Mon-Fri 9 until 5pm) for advice.