Big Fat Hammock Set

RRP: £1,299.99


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What we say... This is our flagship hammock, which combines the benefits of a hammock and a bed. It is so soft, it's like floating on a cloud!

The Big Fat is the most iconic hammock and is super thick! It is like having a hammock and a bed!

When you lay down in this hammock, you'll feel like you're floating on a wonderfully, it's the worlds most comfortable hammock.

The mattress filling is made of polyester. The fabric is additionally impregnated from both sides with a special water-repellent coating. If the hammock gets dirty or something gets spilt on it, you can easily clean the fabric with some water.

The Big Fat can also endure a rain shower. However, we recommend that you always protect the hammock from rain and moisture. If the Big Fat hammock gets wet, make sure it's completely dry before you store the hammock.

It is paired here with the Larch stand, which is our premium stand, made from 100% FSC certified larch wood. Larch wood has strong, waterproof and durable properties. Larch is often utilized for outdoor use because of its hardness. It's also used for building ships and boats. Its natural protection and resistance to extreme weather distinguish larch wood from many other kinds of wood.

The larch wood of this hammock stand has already been given a protective coating and an extra oil treatment. This gives the hammock stand extra protection against the weather.

You hang the hammock with the supplied chain, which can be easily adjusted to the length of the hammock.

Big Fat Hammock Specs:

Lying Surface: 210 x 140 cm
Full Length: 400 cm
Length spreader bar: 140 cm
Load Capacity: 160 kg
Weight 10 kg
Material: Polycotton
Extras: Includes pillow and storage bag

Larch Wood Hammock Stand (XL) Specs:

Fits hammocks with length     360-400 cm
Material 100% FSC certified larch wood.
Load Capacity: 200 kg
Dimensions L X W X H (cm): 414 x 155 x 160
Assembly: Easy to assemble, instructions included