Chico Rainbow Hammock - Childrens

RRP: £89.99


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What we say...Where were these when I was a child?! Kids LOVE hammocks and the Chico is designed and made just for them.  Don't worry though, there are plenty more hammocks on the site for all you big kids too.

What every child dreams of - his or her own hammock to swing in at home. Whether in the nursery, in the garden or on holiday, the Chico Rainbow Children's Hammock is the ideal refuge for all children and tired warriors up to 8 years old. 

It also serves as a favourite play thing for the little one to swing in. The fabric itself only weighs 0.9kg making it easy to carry.

Most customers decide to use a couple of Easy Plus wall fixings to hang their chico hammock.  Easy plus can easily be fitted to masonry or wood and will hold 200kg per fixing.  

Lying Surface: 220 x 120 cm
Full Length: 220 cm
Load Capacity: 80 kg
Weight 1.0 kg
Material: EllTex (Weatherproof - water & UV)
Suitable for Age: 2 - 8 years
Extras: Includes bag
How to wash: Hand wash only. No dryer.