Carry Sling Carrageen - Baby Carrier (450cm)



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The baby sling has long since convinced us of the benefits of carrying babies in slings close to our bodies. It seems this not only promotes the infants development; but it also increases their emotional well being, cognitive and motor skills. But above all that, you get to keep your beautiful baby close to your heart,

There are detailed pictoral instructions illustrating the tying process. The Carry Slings are woven in recommended cross twill weave style, this makes it more flexible diagonally but stronger longitudinally. In addition to this, the fabric which is contaminent free, is slightly thinner and smoother to assist in the tying process. With smoother fabric there is less friction. The thinner fabric is lighter and more comfortable as air circulates easier, ideal for the warm temperatures.

The Ring Sling has a handy pocket sewn in on one side, useful for storing the rings when not in use

Amazonas Ring Slings are 100% cotton. Naturally kind to you and your baby's skin.


Dimensions: 450 x 70 cm
Age: 0-3 years
Load Capacity: 15kg