Konfort XXL Caribbean Sonio Chair Set

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What we say...The Konfort XXL Caribbean Hammock Chair & Sonio Anthracite Hanging Chair Stand provides that desire for a sitting up freestanding bed. With this set, you'll be living life as high class royalty. Oh, and as comfortable as one! 

With its 100% Brazilian manufacture in Jobekcord and its wooden bar of 130 cm certified FSC 100%, the Konfort hammock chair will bring you all the comfort you dream of.

With its length of 225 cm, you can rest with your legs fully extended on a fully fleece material that will make you feel like you are on a cloud!

Made from technological fibre exclusively developed by Jobek, the Jobek Hammock range is durable, comfortable, UV and weather resistant.

Paired with the Sonio Hanging Chair Stand, the metal posts slide to the desired height and the high-quality Polyester paint will protect your stand indoors and outdoors.

Made in Italy for over 20 years, this stand is a sure bet to last for years.

The perfect companion, you can sit anywhere to relax... with your eyes closed!

Konfort XXL Caribbean Hammock Chair

Full Length: 130 x 225 cm
Length spreader bar: 130 cm
Load Capacity: 160 kg
Weight 1.42kg
Material: Jobekcord
How to wash: Hand wash only.  No Dryer


Sonio Anthracite Hanging Chair Hammock Stand

Made from: Weatherproof Powder Coated Steel
Load Capacity: 120 kg
Weight: 19.5 kg
Dimensions L X W X H (cm): 115 x 130 x 240 cm
Assembly: Self-Assembly
Extras: Fittings included, all you need is a hammock!

      Some surface rust may occur