Palau Candy Hammock Chair

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What we say...This girly hanging chair goes perfectly with a glass of Prosecco in one hand and a romantic novel in the other - in our opinion.

In lovely, girly shades of pink and purple, the Palau Candy Hammock Chair promises to look great and be wonderfully comfortable.

The Palau Candy Hammock Chair is lightly cushioned and has plenty of room for one person to relax in style this summer. It also has comfy Birchwood arm rests for perfect luxury.

The fabric is soft, strong cotton, which will hold weights of up to 120 kg. The Palau Candy Hammock Chair can be used indoors and out.

Material Dimensions L X W (cm): 120 x 50
Made from: Recycled Brazilian Cotton
Load Capacity: 120 kg
Weighs: 2.0 kg
Bar: 98 cm wide made from birch
Recom. hanging height: at least 175 cm
Recom. distance from ground: 40 - 50 cm
Extras:  -

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