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Turn your unused ceiling space into more, with our Square Design suspended ceiling hammock.

Our hammocks are made using specialist skills and the best materials which ensure total safety, comfort and quality. That's why some of the finest hotels, coolest offices and most luxurious homes from around the world come to us. 

Our Square Design hammock is made using polyester ropes which are knotted together to create a beautiful square design. The knots reduce slippage and add to the authentic design of this style of hammock.

Our suspended ceiling hammocks are extremely safe, with just one single rope being rated to over 1000kg. When they are linked together, creating the net, the strength is multiplied so you can relax in total confidence.

You can order the hammock in a variety of sizes, colours and with different fixing options. Anything is possible, so if you have more specific requirements please contact us on 01748 471 299 or hello@thesimplyhammocks.co.uk for a bespoke quote.

How to order

  1. Order online or you can contact us for a more bespoke quote.
  2. We will then be in touch to confirm your exact measurements.
  3. Your order will be manufactured and tested.
  4. You will receive your order within 3 weeks.


Our suspended hammocks are available in a variety of sizes. Select your size from our preset options and then someone will be in touch to get your exact measurements. Our hammocks are made by hand to your exact specifications, but please remember that this is a natural product so allow some tolerance for stretch. 

Rope options

Our ropes are made from polyester which has less stretch, is longer lasting, stronger and less susceptible to wear. You can choose from white, green, grey (taupe), brown or beige (oatmeal) colours.

Fixing your hammock

There is no exact science to fixing your hammock and every project is different. Depending on which option you select, our hammocks can be manufactured with a fabric outer with metal press studs, rope loops (with or without metal rings) or rope prepared for poles installations - all spaced evenly apart (at 20cm intervals). You can then use these holes to fix to your structure so the weight is evenly distributed across your structure.

You can fix your suspended hammock to wooden joists, steel beams or using metal poles. We supply fixings for wood and steel, but unfortunately, due to the size and costs of posting, we do not offer metal poles at present and recommend getting these fabricated yourself.

Will my structure be strong enough?

Our suspended ceiling hammocks are extremely strong but they are only as strong as the structure that supports them. Most of our customers install the hammocks on wooden joists or pre-installed metal beams which are inherently very strong and therefore it is unlikely they will ever encounter forces strong enough to cause them to fail. However, if you are in doubt please contact a structural engineer for advice.