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    Amazonas hammocks are known for their high-quality, comfort, durability, and eco-conscious production.

    Amazonas hammocks are made in South America, embodying local craftsmanship and traditions.

    Amazonas uses sustainable energy cycles in production, minimizes returns to reduce CO2 footprint, and supports local communities.

    While it can vary by model, Amazonas hammocks typically support weight up to 200 kg.

    Yes, many Amazonas hammocks are designed to be all-weather and can endure various climatic conditions.

    Most Amazonas hammocks can be hand washed. However, it's best to check the specific care instructions for your model.

    Amazonas annually donates to this organization, which supports the safety, education, and employment of Brazilian children.

    Absolutely! Amazonas hammocks are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    Amazonas stands by their quality with a warranty. The hammocks come with a 1-year quality guarantee whilst the wooden furniture and stands have a 2-year warranty.


    This all-weather Amazonas hammock is soft, sturdy, and instantly relaxing. Highly recommended - one may not be enough, as my wife keeps taking over it and I don't get a look in!


    Great product with fast delivery! Ordered the sturdy and beautiful hammock on Tuesday, received it by Wednesday. Love the story of how Amazonas began. Really satisfied customer!


    Well I ordered this on Thursday, it arrived on Friday, we put it up in the garden and my children spent the whole weekend in it.

    I didn’t get half a chance. Perfect in every way.


    The set is such good quality for the price. The hammock is so comfortable and the stand sturdy.

    So happy, great company to deal with too.


    Amazing Set. This is the perfect addition to my garden, the only problem is i wish I had two because my wife is constantly in it!


    After years of having my hammock strung up between 2 trees, I moved house and needed a new solution.

    This stand is perfect. It's strong, was easy to fix together and still looks good a year later.


    I have to recommend this; since buying it we have been lucky enough to have had amazing weather, so this hammock is getting a lot of use.

    It's easy to assemble and extremely comfortable! I often find my husband asleep in it!


    Spotted the Globo on Grand Designs and got it from Simply Hammocks. It's now a durable and comfortable showpiece in my garden, weathering winter perfectly. Excellent Amazonas hammock and service.


    Making Amazonas

    How It started

    The genesis of Amazonas traces back to its founder, Matthias's backpacking adventure through South America, where he discovered the wonders of hammocks. Engaging with local tribes, he assimilated their knowledge and crafted his own hammock. Over the past 30 years, this initial creation has evolved and matured, giving birth to the renowned brand, Amazonas.


    At the heart of Amazonas' production lies a strong commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. Embracing sustainable energy cycles, the company ensures not only excellent working conditions but also significant resource conservation. The brand's dedication to high product quality minimizes returns, effectively halving the average product's Co2 footprint, reinforcing its pledge to environmental stewardship.


    Amazonas actively contributes to 'Der Kleine Nazareno e.V.', a humanitarian organization dedicated to safeguarding Brazilian children, bolstering their education, and facilitating their path to employment until self-sufficiency is achieved. By donating over 20,000 euros annually, Amazonas demonstrates its commitment to fostering brighter futures for children in need, interweaving social responsibility into the fabric of its hammock production.