Here a just a few of our happy hammock customers... or you can check out our Happy Customer Hangs collage page.

Richard Branson
"It's not everyday you see Richard Branson using one of your products. We were delighted to see him using one of our Palacio Hammocks on a documentary that was re-aired recently"

Ann, Cardiff
The Apollo and Marine hammock was bought for a 50th birthday present, as it was delivered to the birthday boy's address I was a bit dubious about what sort of quality it would be, but have no fear it was absolutely perfect!! He had it unwrapped and built ready for his party , very sturdy and comfortable. Also delivered on the day you said it would be. Well done SIMPLYHAMMOCKS !!

Grand Designs

"Our Globo Hanging Chair was featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs programme. It was a very proud moment to see our hammocks on the TV"

Alison Collins, Kent

Arrived quickly, easy to set-up, great colour and very comfortable! Just the right present for my sister, she's really pleased with it! Thanks.


"Our Cacoon Hanging Nest Chairs got a mention in the Guardian in their feature on the best hanging chairs"

Donna Hill, Skipton
I've always wanted a hammock, but with one tree in the garden I couldn't work out how to...I then found the above chair hammock, which fits perfectly. It was delivered the next day, easy assembly instructions, good quality all round and stores away easy. Great for relaxing and reading the kindle!

"When the Telegraph called looking for help putting together the ultimate garden bundle we were only too happy to oblige"

Claire, Sutton

Brilliant product - we had moved house and had nowhere in the garden to hang our hammock from. This clever stand is perfect, it doesn't take up too much room, and is sturdy and well made. Really pleased. I'm about to order a 2nd one!

How lovely, Fern Britton said she thought our hammocks were comfortable after they have featured on the front cover of  in  Prima Magazine July 2017.

A Willins, Scotland
Very happy with speed of delivery and quality of product. They were easy to assemble and comfortable to use and have held at least two teenagers at once!


"The Daily Express featured Simply Hammocks in a feature about the best garden designs for summer 2016.

Matt London,
Despite being an all-weather hammock, it's soft and comfortable. It also seems wider than the dimensions imply. And is very sturdy. The Micro Rope fixings are a must. And they're longer and more sturdy than the picture implies. My wife loves it and says it's instantly relaxing. Would definitely recommend getting one. Or two..

Lucy Rose, Southend on Sea

I bought this hammock along with posts and hooks so I have something to attach it to in the garden! It's comfortable and seems strong. And it folds up really, really small too, great for storage.

"Simply Hammocks hanging chairs made an appearance in the Independents Christmas Gifts List"

Mandy Rice, Dewsbury
Well I ordered this on Thurs it arrived on Fri we put it up in the garden and my children spent the whole weekend in it, I didn't get half a chance. Perfect in every way.

A Ross, Narberth

Love the colours of this hammock. It looks lovely. I found it a little tricky to string up but found some detailed instructions online and was good to go. Good service too, cheers.

Lea Collins, Derby
These were easy to fix and makes my hanging chair even more special. The kids love the chair and I was getting a bit worried about their over zealous swinging and spinning. This solved the problem perfectly. 

"The Daily Mail featured our Silk Traveller hammock in a 2016 travel feature"

Nikki, Weston Super Mare
Our family are keen campers and I'm fed up with buying cheap chairs which only last for one camping trip before ending up in the site skip. So, we bought a couple of these and pleased to say they've been on four camping trips, numerous picnics and have been used for chilling in the garden.

Ellen Ducker, Leamington Spa
I recently bought a hammock chair from simply hammocks to hang in my new sun room. However it turned out that my ceiling was too high. I contacted simply hammocks for advice and they told me to buy one of these. It's done the trick perfectly. Thanks for great service guys.

C Preece, Galloway
I was a bit wary of spending the extra money on a cover having already bought the hammock and stand but i'm so glad i did. It's easy to slip on and take off ad will hopefully keep my hammock good for a few years!

"Click Z gave our new website a fantastic review following our relaunch.

Asha Patel, Aylesbury

Totally massive hammock! Looks good, is really comfy and has loads of room for us all to curl up in. A bit more expensive than some of the other hammocks on the Simply Hammocks website but totally worth it.

My-Outdoor Field test - Amazonas mosikto traveller Pro 

"Hammocking is a very comfortable way to wild camp. It's a great way to keep off the wet ground and if set up correctly I find using a hammock often removes some of the troublesome issues of condensation that tent-living can bring, In a damp woodland, air circulation is needed to keep your kit dry. I don't like to just limit myself to forests though and it's fun to use rock features for instance to hang a hammock. Best of all, you have a comfy place to relax that supports your back at the end of a long day, whatever your activity.


These days I find myself at home on many summits in all seasons, where there is a distinct lack of trees. I've become used to floor dwelling using minimalist kit so going back to hammock use has been interesting for me, as it is how I first wild camped when I was younger. Back then I was content with a cheap net hammock, a plastic tarp and some twine as a ridge line. Thankfully hammock materials have evolved and the MT-Pro is a good example of this.

We were sent the basic hammock set up for the Moskito-Traveller Pro (MT-Pro) and none of the extras available. Amazonas make a neat dyneema hanging kit with easily adjustable alloy toggles at either end of your hammock, but these aren't included in the price. I made my own hanging gear from straps and carabiners, which hug the tree nicely minimising damage to the bark and offering a nice static fix. Amazonas also sell their own tarp for their products and the video reviews I watched show it to be of good quality.

The MT-Pro is rolled into its own compact stuff-sac. This made packing away and stowing in my pack easy. The stuff-sac also hangs from side of the hammock and doubles as suspended storage.Inside the substantial insect mesh, are two more small pockets suitable for small devices or a headtorch. These are handy at night, because once settled getting out of your hammock for any needed items is always a bane. 

The base of the MT-Pro is made of strong and ultralight parachute silk, keeping down the weight impressively but offering a decent sized sleeping space. Being made from silk it also dries out very quickly. The MT-Pro lacks a sleeve for a mat so care is needed getting in for the night, but it was not an issue. Amazonas also make the Silk Traveller Thermo which has this mat sleeve option, but no bug mesh.

Set up was quick and easy. You can use the hammock either way around, with or without the net over you which is a nice option. At dusk, I was swamped with midges on this trip so I opted for the net. Amazonas claim the impregnated net deters bugs even landing on the hammock and I found this was true. I wish I could say the same for me, but this is the risk of woodland dwelling in the UK in summer!!

Using the included ridge line which has handy adjustable toggles, I threaded this easily through the net's loops and cinched it up without a problem. The line has plenty of give, so as you climb in it allows the net to stretch upwards without straining it.

Once inside, the multiple lines stretch out neatly and spread your weight evenly. It should be of note that I'm 5'5”, so some very tall people may want to look for larger options. It was ample for me however. Amazonas suggest sleeping diagonally to distribute weight correctly. I found this worked really well and this maximises your sleeping area, plus leaves a small area by your legs to place a garment.

My overall impressions of the MT-Pro are good. The fabrics and construction seem strong and durable and with its 150kg load limit, it feels robust as you shuffle around getting yourself in position. It is a small package with minimal construction and at under 500g makes lightweight adventures possible. Comparable hammocks on the market with integral bug netting do seem to weigh in heavier. The whole sleeping system I carried weighed 1950g, inclusive of mat, sleeping bag, tarp, the hammock and the hanging kit. I envisage using this for long distance lowland treks in the future.

I've had some very uncomfortable nights in poorly designed hammocks, but the Moskito-Traveller Pro has a good sleeping area and the hammock is very comfortable, which has to be a crucial factor in anyone deciding to purchase one."

Rachel Evans, Witney

This canopy chair looks a bit odd, but its great at keeping the sun off on a hot day. I burn easy so worry about spending too much time outdoors but this is a good solution. Have been using it out in the garden and it'll be coming on holiday with me too.

Tony Booker, Fife
The Tonga Kolibri hammock is good value for the price. Obviously, it's not as great as some of the more expensive models but its comfortable and strong. Does the job it's meant to!

Sue Lovell, Tenby

I bought this as a treat for myself as I turned 50 last month. My favourite past time now is lying in it with a cold drink and a magazine. Amazing, wish I'd bought one years ago.

Chloe Jones, Worcestershire
I just cant fault this hammock the service or the delivery. It was easy to hang up and looks good in the garden. I'm also planning to take the hammock on holiday in a couple of weeks. Bliss. Love it!

Polly O'Keefe, Widnes
Good value hammock. I didn't want to spend too much on such a luxurious item but this was a great price. The material is soft and strong and its supplied in a handy bag. 

Jack Ellis, Selby

I shopped around for my hammock and this was the best price I could find for a double hammock. When it arrived, I wasn't at all disappointed. It's of good quality and hangs beautifully between my cherry trees. Service from Simply Hammocks was excellent

Sue Timms, York
As my title says, this is a truly huge hammock. Much bigger than I anticipated, but now we have it, the whole family loves it. Great price and good value products. Thanks!

Geoffrey Thomson, Broadstairs
Fantastic service and quick delivery from simplyhammocks. I love the hammock too, it's soft and comfy and plenty big enough for both myself and my wife. Excellent choice

Caroline Potter, Walthamstow
I saw these featured in a magazine and knew I had to have one for my recent holiday to Turkey. It was delivered the day after I ordered it. And it was easy to pack and perfect for the pool. So relaxing, I don't think I'd want to use it in the sea in case I fell asleep!

Jennie, West Midlands
Not bad at all. I think this hammock is great. The colours are gorgeous and it's soft and comfortable.

Georgie, Chester

Had some problems hanging this (fixing between a tree and a wall) but think that was down to me rather than the hammock. Now it's up though it looks fantastic and it's soooooooooo comfortable. Just love to lay there and read.

Martine Hart, Chichester
The stand is solid and was easy to fix up and the hammock is lovely. It's comfortable and soft and it looks good even after being left out in the rain.

Andy, Bath
I don't normally write reviews, but was really impressed with the service from you guys. Had to return my first hammock but this one arrived the next day as a replacement. Looks great and is so comfortable.

Anna Jarvis, Calpham
Went for a natural hammock which is a bit different to most people's image of brightly coloured hammocks in the sunshine but I love the muted neutral colours. It's really stylish and suits me and my family perfectly.

Alice, Redruth

Wasn't sure which hammock stand to choose for my hammock, but I'm glad I choose this one. It seems to be really strong and looks good too. Was easy to put together, once we got the pieces sorted.

Alex J, Poole
This stand isn't as big as some of the others i looked at, but it's perfectly adequate for just me and my single hammock. It seems strong and sturdy enough. I have not complaints.

Mrs Wegner, Penryth

This hammock is huge, big enough of our family of four (and the dog too), It's also really comfortable especially with the bit of padding. I think we'll be outside at the first hint of sunshine this summer. Thanks for fast delivery too.

Mr Frank Wright, Co Durham 
Very easy to put together and it looks good, although it's quite simple. It's quite large too so will have to be left outside as I've nowhere to keep it. Fingers crossed it won't rust.

Tyra Caddy, Sunderland

I actually bought this hammock a couple of years ago but never got round to writing the review. Anyway, it still looks good, the colours are bright even though it's been outside the whole time. My kids think it's wonderful too.

Mrs Miller, Weymouth
I bought this as a present for my daughter who is setting off on her gap year travels. She was delighted with it as it fitted beautifully into her rucksack. Delivery was quick too and service from Simply Hammocks excellent.

Shirley Baldwin, Wallingford
I love this, have had it hanging in my garden for the last couple of months and it caused plenty of arguments at our family barbecue. Everyone wanted to sit in it. It's so comfortable and looks lovely.

Mrs J Baker, Henley
I always thought I'd have to buy a hammock stand - as I only have 1 tree in my yard. However, I stumbled across this bit of kit when shopping for my hammock and it does the job perfectly. Thanks!

Jo Fisher, Lincoln
I bought this as a treat for my hubby and kids. The colours are lovely and bright and it's just big enough for us all to fit it comfortably. Super!

D Smith, Sheffield
My first hammock and I think it's great. Really proud that I assembled it all myself and it looks nice in my back garden. Shame I never get to lie in it myself though - my children and cats are always snuggled up!

Charlie, Fakenham
I bought this to fix up our new family hammock. It was easy to use and seems to be plenty strong enough. Had no problems at all. thanks for quick delivery and service.

Josie, Farnham
I love the colours of this hammock it's really girly and pretty. the price was good and I received it the day after I ordered it. Quite easy to put up (with a bit of help from a friend!).

Angie Rhodes, Sutton Coldfield
I don't every often write reviews, but I'm so chuffed with this hammock I just had to. It's comfy and looks fab. Just need to wait for some sunshine now!

Marie Mac, Ayr
After years of having my hammock strung up between 2 trees I moved house and needed a new solution. This stand is perfect (although massive!). Its strong, was easy to fix together and still looks good a year later. 

W Fowler, Norfolk
This is great for my little garden, and I love that I can quickly move it into the conservatory when the weather is not so good. Good price and quick delivery too thanx.

Claire, Aberystwyth
I'm a bit rubbish at doing anything practical but found this pretty easy to put up on the stand. Really love snuggling up with my kids on a chilled out weekend. So glad I bought it

Faye, Southampton
Loving my new Tonga Hammock. Gorgeous colours, really summery and its comfy too. Had friends round for a Bank Holiday bbq and everyone wanted to have a lie down in it!

Sam Herbert, Peterborough
I used these to fix my hammock between a tree and a post in my garden. It was simple to attached and seems strong enough to hold the hammock and my 12 stone weight! 

Terry, Wandsworth
To be honest, I would have loved a stand to hang my hammock from but couldn't justify the spend! This is ideal though, easy to fit and really strong. Make sure you buy two packs though - one for each end!

T. Johnson, Yorkshire
Exactly what I needed to fix my hammock to the trees in my garden. It's stronger than it looks, pretty sturdy and easy to fit. Beware though, if you need to fix both ends of your hammock, you'll need to buy 2 of these.

Julie, Spain
Saw someone with this product in Ibiza last year, and this prompted me to purchase one for ourselves , cant wait to try it out in Majorca. Fantastic service, ordered on the 18th and received it on the 19th am, would not hesitate to order again . Big well done Simply Hammocks and thank you.

Johny, London
I can recommend this strongly, having received it the day after ordering from simplyhammocks.co.uk, and installed it in about 5 minutes this morning before the kids left for school. I can confirm it works superbly as a hammock post, and holds my weight easily (90kg).

Steve Middleton, Guildford
Easy to navigate site. Good use of video demo. Almost immediate email response to a question re hammock length. Product arrived the next day. Love the hammock. It's how e-commerce should be.

Jane, Scotland
I have to recommend this; since buying it we have been lucky enough to have had amazing weather, so this hammock is getting a lot of use. It's easy to assemble and extremely comfortable! I often find my husband asleep in it!

Charlie, London

The frame adjusts lengthwise to suit, and I guess could be collapsed and taken in for the winter if you wish easily enough. We leave the frame out all the time, and bring the hammock in (rolled up) when not in use. Wish I'd bought one years ago.

Jackie, London
This stand is easy to put together, instructions were clear and was quick to put up. The family love it.

I ordered this on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday, very quick delivery. The hammock is gorgeous and very sturdy also looks great!

Dee Fisher, Cumbernauld
This chair is really comfortable and looks great. But I find it quite difficult to get in and out of! Perhaps just me as the rest of the family don't have any trouble!

Martine, from Chesterton
The stand is solid and was easy to fix up and the hammock is lovely. It’s comfortable and soft and it looks good even after being left out in the rain.

I'm feeling grateful for my hammock. I was lying in it tonight (with a dog :) When I look at where it's made and the effort that's put into making it I have perspective. I was reflecting on our call and I enjoyed the way you handled my inquiry. I'm guessing you've had some training/coaching or perhaps it's how you like to be. I'm a coach myself and I recognise your skill in communicating. PS you have a lovely voice and I enjoyed connecting with you :)

I ordered this on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday, very quick delivery. The hammock is very sturdy also looks great!

Mrs King, from Swadlincote
The hammock is bigger than I expected and theres plenty of room for me and my little boy. All in all, Good value though.

Mrs Docherty, from Milton Keynes
Received this as a wedding present from my new hubby as I’ve always wanted a hammock. It was worth the wait.

Carla, from Gateshead
Fitted easily between two trees in my garden. Nice, bright colours and the quality is fine. Would have been better if the hammock was sold with all the fittings needed to hang it. Overall though, it’s good.

Kelly, from Middlesbrough
Arrived quickly and was well packaged. Easy to put together, although I struggled a little with the fixings. Wasn’t long before I was lying in it with a cuppa though!

Catherine D
Really helpful staff and speedy delivery. Love my Globo Royal Double seater.

Steven S
Ordered a Globo swinging chair. Was delivered very quickly. Unfortunately, it was missing a couple of fixings. Got in touch and this issue was solved without any issue and missing fixes turned up the next day. Great customer service.

Claire A
Incredibly helpful.

Kieran W
Good v responsive

Rebecca T
Incredible customer service and so friendly. Really appreciate it.

Barry M
Very pleased with the service and with the hammock! So easy to put up.

Keith B
You were prompt with your response and helpful. I'll be off to B&Q to buy a coach pin tomorrow. Thanks for keeping your email short and friendly. I don't tend to read much that's more than 4 paragraphs long.

Wow-what an amazing guy I spoke to… he took the time to listen to what I was after and the call didn’t feel rushed. Can’t wait to receive my new hammock THANK YOU/

Paul C
Great advice on selecting a suitable hammock and stand and any fittings required. Immediate updates from Simply Hammocks and DHL express .

Rachel T
Very helpful staff. Able to answer questions and have a laugh at the same time. Important when there is 2yr old in the background causing a distraction.

Laurie N
Prompt replies, but I was hoping to get an answer to my question without too much back and forth. I don't need to know exact shipping cost and timeline. Just an estimate would do. I will look "closer" to buy my hammock as I assume it would be more economical and faster. Thanks so much anyway.

Sharon R
A lovely item arrived, easy to put together and very comfortable.

Wendy H
Impeccable service as has always been the case.

Lorna T
Fast delivery excellent support - haven’t actually opened the parcel yet though!

Sue B
Really quick response to my query - luckily also gave the answer I wanted!

Egmond B
Got a reply the same day. I even got a link to order the missing item. Brilliant.

Ruth A
very helpful thank you!

Michele G
I have to say, I don't think I've come across a more helpful company in a long time. The honest advice, is they never try to sell you something you don't actually need. Here's a reason I like Simply Hammocks. I moved house and had the wooden hammock stand dismantled, the nuts, bolts etc were a little rusty, so I called up to ask whether I should purchase some new spare parts, but no, I was told to pop them in some vinegar or in a well-known brand of surgery drink! That is why I come back to Simply Hammocks to buy more equipment from them. You will not be disappointed, the chaps are great, and more than happy to give you honest opinions. Best place to buy your hammock.

Lesley M
I was very impressed with the exceptionally quick reply I received to my enquiring about a spare part and how speedily my question was answered. One very happy customer!

Guisela T
Good service and a positive shopping experience.

Ross W
Haven't received the spare part yet but only ordered yesterday - so far great service, surprised you had stock!