Clearance Hammocks

Welcome to our Clearance Section featuring returned items. Each one has been given a once-over, and while some may have minor imperfections, rest assured, they're all fully usable and deserving of a second chance. In some cases, it's just a bit of box wear. Explore now and give these items a new life

Grade A This mean the product isn't damaged and the imperfections are limited to the packaging. It may arrive in a box that shows signs of damage or differs from the original packaging.
Grade B This simply means the product might have some 'light' cosmetic damage, such as minor tears in fabric, assembly, or scuff marks on hammock stands. The packaging might also display some wear or alterations.
Grade C This grade indicates significant damage to either the fabric or stands, which may include issues like holes in the fabric or damage to the stands. However, all components are still present and complete. Additionally, you may observe some wear or alterations in the packaging.
    Frame Material
    Overall Length
    Load Capacity (kg)
    Recommended Hanging Distance (cm):
    Suitable for Stand
    12 years experience


    We love hammocks so much that in 2010 we set up Simply Hammocks, selling the worlds finest hammocks. We ONLY sell hammocks we would want to own ourselves and after speading happiness to thousands of gardens around the UK, we consider ourselves experts in all things hammock!

    All our hammocks come with 12 month warranty and free delivery, and if you have any questions we are here to help.