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How to hang a Hammock

How to hang a hammock guide

If you are unsure you can always call the hammock experts (that's us!) on 01748 471 299

So you've bought a hammock and you're keen to start using it rightaway. But you're worried that it requires expert skills to hang and you're keen to avoid falling to the ground with a great big thump. Well guess what? Hanging a hammock is actually really easy and there is no magic way of doing it. So don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

We have listed a few different ways to hang a hammock along with the fixings and tips you will need to get started.

Type of hang What you need
On a stand Use our Compatibility Guide
Between two trees Smart or Micro Rope Fixing
I only have one tree! Smart or Micro Rope Fixing + Madera Post
Between two walls Easy Plus Hammock Fixing
I only have one wall Easy Plus Hammock Fixing + Madera Post
Wooden posts or beams Jumbo Fixing
On ceiling Power Hook or Rotating Swivel Fixing

Hanging on a stand

Hanging your hammock on a stand is the easiest way as all the hard work has been done for you, especially if you go for one of our Hammock Sets. If you want to choose your own hammock and stand combination, then look at our Compatibility Guide which will tell you which hammocks and stands are compatible. All our stands include fixings so you don't need to worry about that.

Between two trees

To fix a hammock to a tree you will need a hammock and a rope fixing like our Smart or Micro Rope Fixing. The ropes wrap around each tree and then link to the loops on your hammocks. Both these ropes are adjustable so you can increase or decrease the tension to suit the distance between your trees.

At Simply Hammocks we often spend our lunch in the surrounding forests near our office. No two trees are exactly the same and we don't have any trouble finding a way to hang our hammocks thanks to how adjustable these rope fixings are.

Tip: Measure the distance between your two desired trees. Choose your hammock. Now ensure the hammocks total length is at least 1m less than the total distance between the trees to give enough distance for your rope fixings.

I only have one tree!!! 

That's fine, you are in luck. You can attach one end of the hammock to the tree using a Smart or Micro Rope Fixing and the other end to a Madera Post.

Between two concrete/brick walls 

To attach your hammock to a wall you will need an Easy Plus Hammock Fixing, which you can drill into the wall securely. If you want to give your hammock further flex, you can add a Sonos Fixing which will make it springier.

I only have one wall!

That's fine, all you need to do is attached one end of the hammock to a wall using the Easy Plus Hammock Fixing, and the other end to a Madera Post.

Wooden posts or beams

Jumbo Fixing should do the trick which is made especially for hanging your hammock from wooden posts or beams.

From ceiling

If you want to create a larger arch or hang a hammock chair, then you will need our Power Hook or Rotating Swivel Fixing which will suspend your hammock from a fixed point on the ceiling.

If you are unsure you can always call the hammock experts (that's us) on 01748 471 299

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