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So, you’re looking for your perfect hammock right? Well, you've come to the right place! Here at Simply Hammocks we are the experts and have a fantastic selection of hammocks of all shapes, sizes and styles.  Watch our two hammock experts discuss some of our products.

Where are you hanging it?

If you are looking to hang your hammock on a stand then check out our hammock sets or you can configure your own stand and hammock combination by using our Compatibility Guide. Our stands are all weatherproof and whether you go for a wooden or metal stand will come down to your budget.

If you are hanging the hammock between trees or walls then you will need to measure the space and ensure it is at least 2.5 - 6 meters wide. If you only have one tree or wall then you can use a Madera Post. You will also need fixings depending on how you are going to hang your hammock:

Resources: Hanging

If you just bought a new hammock or its just the first time you are using it, then it is probably best for you to know exactly what steps you must follow in order to your hammock in place quickly and painless! Read Here

We are asked all the time,“how do I hang my hammock?”,the truth is, it totally depends on the space you want to put it in. Hanging a hammock from a ceiling is a popular choice when you want to make a space indoors to relax. Read Here

If you own a hammock you'll know just how at home they are in a garden. Whether suspended between trees or on a stand, they create idyllic spots to relax in. But did you know that hammocks work just as well indoors as outdoors? Not only do they create additional seating, are a talking point for visitors but they also provide a sanctuary for you to continue your hammock habit away from the rain. Read Here

Hammocks and Hanging Chairs don’t have to be enjoyed just outside; why not bring them into the warmth of your own home so you can swing away in your living room, bedroom or wherever you think is prime position. Bring the outdoors in by dangling a chair from a sturdy joist or wooden beam located in your ceiling, but please check and use the correct hardware before drilling a hole into your ceiling, otherwise OH DEAR..hello costly mess! Read Here

Whether you want a fresh new look for your campervan or if you're wanting to save space, a hammock can be a great option. They're also very comfortable and can help you get a better night's sleep. You can also detach them from their hooks and bring them with you on a hike if you feel like sleeping under the stars. So how would you hang your hammock in a motorhome or campervan?  Read Here

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How big of a hammock do you want?

Our Single Hammocks are very generous and are what most of our competitors call doubles. Our Double Hammocks will comfortably accommodate 2 adults whilst our Family/XL Hammocks will take three or more adults easily.

On each of our product pages, we have specifications that show the lying surface. This is the total space available for occupants to lie on. We also have load capacity which details the maximum weight the hammock can take. All worth keeping in mind when choosing the right size hammock.

Single Hammock

load capacity 120kg +

Double Hammock

load capacity 150kg +

Family Hammock

load capacity200kg +

Resources: size

For some reason, all I can picture right now is going camping in a 4X4 and dragging those huge set it up yourself beds, that take up half the boot space. Well, now you and I can both forget those elaborate 4X4 style beds that can cost you a bit for that camping trip you’ve been longing for. What if I told you, go get a Double hammock, pack your clothes, essential food items and other necessities and you’re set! Yes, hammocks have evolved since the last time you thought you'd seen it all. Read Here

If you have read our story you'll know that we only sell the worlds best hammocks - we really do! When you're hanging a few feet above the ground the last thing you want to worry about is it breaking plus the stronger the hammock the longer it will last. Read Here

Yes, you heard (or read) that right, we’re packing a hammock for our trip to India this weekend. No, it’s not to parachute off the plane, although it is made from parachute silk, but if we're taking the necessities why shouldn’t we take our hammocks too? Read Here

Will it be left outside?

Recycled Brazilian Cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre that is soft and breathable. It is comfortable to lie in, even in hot weather. Cotton is also absorbent, so it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cotton hammocks are usually more expensive than nylon hammocks. They are also heavier, so they are not as convenient to take with you when you are travelling. Cotton hammocks should be stored indoors when not in use to prolong their life.

View Cotton hammocks
Parachute Silk Nylon

Nylon is a synthetic fabric, which means it is made from petroleum products. It is a strong and durable fabric that is resistant to mildew and rot. Nylon is also quick-drying, so it is a good choice if you are using your hammock near water or in a humid climate. Nylon hammocks are usually lighter than cotton hammocks, so they are easier to carry with you when you are camping or hiking. They are also less expensive than cotton hammocks.

View Nylon Hammocks
Elltex & Agora

The top of the hammock material hierarchy. This material is scientifically created to have extremely high levels of weather resistance, therefore, will protect you from light showers, mildew, and UV bleaching. This means that you are able to leave your hammock out that bit longer, though we do suggest that you whip it down every now and again to ensure that no ice has formed upon it.

View Elltex Hammocks

Resources: outdoors

What do you think of when you hear the word “hammock”? You most likely think of a comfortable place to relax and maybe even take a nap. A hammock can be a great addition to your backyard,  patio, or campsite. Read Here

With winter just around the corner, we know that ensuring the quality and safety of your items is essential. There are a variety of ways in which you can protect your items against the elements that winter may bring. Our products are manufactured to ensure that they stay as perfectly pristine for year, however, there are some that may need that little bit of help. Read Here

Hammocks are a wonderland for kids, they’re fun to climb onto and comfy to swing on. Children enjoy the bright colours and gentle movement above ground. They also have benefits for children with autismas the swinging motion helps to restore the vestibular system. Whilst all our hammocks have globally recognised safety certifications, our health and safety experts do not recommend leaving your child unsupervised. We’ve put together a basic guide to child friendly hammocks so that you can minimize these risks and make sure that your kids can safely enjoy their hammock. Of course, different types of hammocks are suitable for different ages, but luckily Simply Hammocks offers hammocks suitable for babies, toddlers and older children. Read Here

Here at Simply Hammocks we often get asked if you can leave your hammock outside. It's a great question since most of us use our hammocks in the garden and when the weather turns the last thing you want to do is bring it in again. So can hammocks be left outside?  Read Here

So many customers and prospective customers ask this question…do I go for a cotton or weatherproof hammock? Is a weatherproof hammock a different feel to soft cotton? Read Here

Spreader vs non-spreader bar

style of hammock

Spreader Bar Hammock has a wooden pole which spreads out the bars at each end and gives the hammock a flatter profile. Some people prefer the look of these but they can be trickier to get in and out of because the material is so taut. 

None Spreader Bar Hammocksor Classic Hammocks do not have a wooden pole which means there is more fabric so you can move around easier. On a windy day you can even use the fabric as a blanket, or turn you hammock into a make shift chair to sit upright in and they are usually a lot easier to get in and out of. If you are planning on sleeping in your hammock then a None Spreader Bar Hammock is more comfortable as you can sleep in a traditional diagonal position. 

Resources: Style

Here at Simply Hammocks we often get asked for the difference between spreader bar hammocks and none-spreader bar hammocksoften called classic or Brazilian hammocks in case you didn't know. There is no right or wrong answer and a lot of it comes down to your personal preference and taste. Read Here

We have a very varied selection of stands here at Simply Hammocks. From small scale metal stands to the more lavish and larger wooden structures, there is something for everyone! Here is where we will help you decide which is best suited to you by explaining a number of features that you will find with particular models. Read Here

The current pandemic is a stressful time for everyone, Thankfully, even if you’re having some trouble developing good habits, we’ve got a few ways to help you unwind and relax. The best way of doing that, in our biased opinion, is to hang a hammock! Read Here

Imagine you're out camping in the middle of nowhere. You've hiked for miles and finally, find the perfect spot to set up camp and relax for the evening. You pull out your hammock, string it up between two trees, and lay down... only to find that you're immediately cold! The air is chilly and the ground is even colder, seeping up through the hammock and making your backside feel like ice. In that moment, you wished you had remembered to pack some sort of insulation for your hammock! Read Here

Do you have a new baby at home? Are you looking for the best way to keep them safe and comfortable? When it comes to choosing the best place for your baby to sleep, there are a lot of different options available. You can use a cot, a bassinet, or even just put them on the bed with you. But what if there was another option that was more comfortable for your baby? Read Here

Ever had that issue where you want the fresh cool summer breeze? but the blinding sunlight that comes with it is way too much for you to handle? Well, Simply Hammocks have a solution for that and other interior decorating ideas you probably haven't thought of yet. Read Here

Let's get rid of the stereotype that an office must be boring and mundane, after all, your office is the reason why you have that beautiful home, car, and life. So why should your office look and feel like the last place you'd ever want to spend time in. add in some elements of fun, colour, elegance, anti-stagnation with an added taste of maturity. Oh yes, a hammock or a hammock chair can do all this and more to your office space and as a bonus, it also increases your work productivity, so it's a wise and well worth investment that comes in various sizes and colours so you can choose the one that fits your mood for that day/ week (have a look at our range you can choose from on this link). Read Here

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There are many different fixings and ways to hang a hammock. It can go between two well spaces trees using our adjustable fixing ropes, on one of our sturdy stands, or it can be fixed to walls or posts. We even have a special stand for people that only have one tree in their garden.

All our hammocks can be left outside, but some materials are better than others for repelling rain and sun fade. Hammocks made from 100% polyester, parachute-silk, or Elltex can all be left outside, although we still recommend bringing them in to dry to prevent mould. Our Brazilian cotton hammocks ideally should be kept dry. Learn more

All our hammocks are tested beyond the weight capacity we advertise. But, we still recommend using it as a guide when purchasing. We have categorised our hammocks into single (one person), double (two person) and family (2+ people). When ordering a hammock and fixings/stand together, ensure the capacities are suitable for your use.

Not at all, once you are in the hammock it is very safe. We sell thousands of hammocks and rarely hear of any incidents and some of our happiest hammock users are people over 60. Hammocks are comfortable, and relaxing and sadly have a notion that they are difficult to get into. This is not the case.

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