The Hammock Glossary

We're on a mission to introduce the world to the world's best hammocks but hammock terminology can make navigating the subject difficult so we thought we'd put together a glossary to help out.

It's a working glossary that we'll update regularly so keep checking back. We hope you enjoy it.


Not the fruit kind, this is when a occupant lays down in a hammock with their head and feet at opposite ends causing a banana shape. The best way to lay in a hammock is diagonally which is much flatter and commonly used by anyone using a hammock to sleep in.

Brazilian Cotton
This is a traditional fabric which was used to make the world's very first hammocks. It was first introduced to hammocks by tribes in Brazilian rain forests who favored it because it was very comfortable and able to cope with the extreme moisture.


Cacoon Nest
This is a very new hanging chair product that is a cross between and hanging chair and hammock. It is very portable and inspires the imagination on places to hang it. Made using a special fabric it is very strong, comfortable and weather proof. The question is, where do you hang yours?


Double Hammocks
We sell more double hammocks than any other size. Double hammocks are specially made to occupy more than one adult. It is worth checking the load capacity on each double hammock and lying surface because many of them can easily accommodate 3 adults (2 one end and 1 at the other) or a gaggle of children.


EllTex (Extra Long Lasting Textile)
EllTex is a special fabric created by Amazonas and used in their weather proof hammocks. It is a mixture of cotton and polyester and is extremely strong and tear proof, even after repeatedly getting wet. It means hammocks made from EllTex can be left outside much longer than cotton hammocks and will resist rain and fading from the sun. Best still they are still very soft and comfortable.


Family/XL Hammocks
A family or XL hammock is one that is big enough to support at least 3+ adults. They are extremely strong, have plenty of laying surface and some of ours are even big enough to fit a 4 adults.

A fixing is something that is used to hang your hammock. There are many different types of fixings, some will attach your hammock to a tree, others to brick walls and we even have fixings that will go into the ceiling.

Full Length
We use this term a lot in our tech specs for each hammock. It's the total length from rope to rope of the hammock. This measurement is useful when you already have an existing distance in mind to hang a hammock from - for example you already own a frame or have measured the distance between two trees in your garden.


Galvanised Fixtures
When steel is galvanised a protective coating is applied which prevents rusting. Most of our hammock frames come with galvanised fittings so that they can be left out all year round.

Globo Swing Chair
A Globo Swing Chair is a beautiful hanging globe chair made from very strong wood and features a soft cushion for relaxing. They are as good to lay in as they are to look at and become the talking point of any garden. In fact some of our customers choose to put their globos inside hanging from the ceilings using our fixings.


Hanging Chair
A hanging chair is a hanging chair. You can hang it from a ceiling or from a dedicated stand. They are extremely comfortable which is why you will often find as many indoors as you will outside in the garden as customers use them in living space around the home. 

Hammock Sets
Hammock sets contain everything you need and include a stand, hammock and all the fixings. At Simply Hammocks we build our hammock sets based on the most popular products we sell and those which go together best.


Load Capacity
On our product pages in the tech specs we list the load capacity (in kg) for each hammock or stand. This is the maximum recommended weight it can handle and if you exceed this you are in danger of breaking the hammock or stand.

Lying Surface
This is the total space available on a hammock to lay down in. The wider and longer the hammock the more people it can fit comfortably.


None Spreader Bar
A None Spreader Bar Hammock is a hammock that does not have a wooden spreader bar to space out the ropes at each end. They are usually much easier to get into and out of and considered to be more comfortable. They are also better if you want to sleep in your hammock as you can sleep diagonally, which is the best position. Since the fabric is not spread by a bar you can use it to wrap around yourself if you are feeling cold.


Rockstone is a unique coating created by Amazonas especially for their metal hammocks stands. It has the appearance of granite and can withstand all weather conditions much better than any other types of coatings. So your metal hammock stand can be left out all year around and is guarded against the elements.


Silk Hammocks
If you want a travelling hammock then we highly recommend you select one made from silk. Silk is an extremely tough, lightweight and breathable material and the threads are so thin they are invisible to the naked eye. We make our silk hammocks from parachute silk, the same material used in today's modern parachutes. It's therefore tear-proof, can handle extreme and is very breathable.

Single Hammocks
A single hammock is built for one occupant. However many of our single hammocks are actually classed as double if compared to our competitors, so you will find our single hammocks to be very spacious and generous.

Smart Rope
Smart rope is a special fixings so you can attach your hammock to any tree. It has carabiner clips which attach to any hammock and then you wrap the rope around the tree. The fixing can also be adjusted depending on the distance between the trees.

Spreader Bar Hammocks
Spreader bar hammocks are really easy to distinguish as they have a wooden bar at each end of the hammock which spreads the ropes out. They are much more decorative with the bars and many people prefer them to none-spreader bar hammocks. Since the ropes are spread out they can be harder to get into but on the plus side you have greater visibility as the hammock does not want to cocoon itself around you. Really it all comes down to a matter of taste and what you prefer the look of.

Spruce Wood
Our Wooden Hammock Stands and Sets are made from European Spruce Wood. It's a very strong and long lasting wood that's at home in your garden all year around. It requires very little maintenance other than the occasional clean but painting it with a wood sealant every few years will help it to last longer. Did you know that the Wright Brothers plane (1899) was built using spruce wood? The fact it is still here is testimony to how strong this wood it.

If you feel we have missed anything out please let us know