How to DIY Ideas for your Garden Hammock


Now that the sun has arrived for the glorious British summertime, we’re spending a lot more time in our gardens. Though admittedly some of our furniture choices have left us uncomfortable or have been too hot to sit on. Why not enjoy the sun in style and comfort with a hammock? Hammocks can make a great addition to the garden. Check out some trending ideas below to enhance your garden space.

 1) A Tranquil Suspended Hammoc

If you’re lucky enough to have this poolside or by the hot tub, this would certainly make a great addition. Even on its own it makes a striking garden piece. With a frame inspired by the shape of a Japanese Torii gate, you can fully customise the design to fit your space. Leave the wood natural for a Scandinavian feel, paint it for a chicer look, or even change the material to metal if you prefer. Choose how big or small you want your pergola to be, how many pillars and suspend the hammock! Then it is time to relax while your neighbours and guests envy your garden masterpiece.

2) Botanical Framework 

If you are an avid plant lover or prefer your hammock to blend into your surroundings; allowing plants to grow around a wooden frame would look delightful. Again, you can create a wooden arbour or pergola that is customisable to your space, in a large space you could add an outdoor dining area or a garden feature in the centre of the arbour. A hammock could be added to opposite sides for a symmetrical design. In a small space, you could add soft furnishings such as curtains to protect you against the elements. The look is completed with your choice of climbing plants which will complement the frame. If you’re into low maintenance gardens try choosing a plant such as jasmine, wisteria or clematis – or the classic ivy if you don’t want a flowering plant.

3) Simple Stands

No trees to hang your hammock from? No Problem! Simply Hammocks has a range of easy to assemble stands that can enhance your garden. You could choose from a hanging chair or perhaps an arched stand. They’re easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere. For a simplistic look you might place the stand on a patio or wooden deck with some potted plants nearby. Placing the hammock near shrubs, larger plants or fences gives you the ability to add some ambiance with lights – somewhere to relax at sundown. You can really make use of ground space here; add an accent by placing the hammock in the centre of a gravel circle or on a raised platform. Of course, plants are not your only choice of accents here. Decorate with some garden ornaments, statues, water features or bird baths, especially if you like the minimalist low maintenance style.

4) Balcony Blues

What about those rainy days? As much as we like to lounge in the sun, sitting and listening to the rain can be just as relaxing provided you’re not getting soaked in the process. If you have a balcony or a sheltered area such as a gazebo, you can completely transform the space by hanging a hammock from the ceiling. Again, accents with soft furnishings here are your key. Cushions, blankets, potted plants and ornaments. Perhaps a coffee table if you have enough space.

5) More Hammocks = More Fun

We’ve talked about how to display your hammocks to create an eye-catching addition to your garden. But we can always use hammocks to create a completely new space for entertaining guests. If you have more than one hammock, or if you have a large hammock, you could create your very own outdoor cinema! All you would need is a projector and screen or white wall/background. Get some cosy cushions and blankets and put on your favourite film, voila. Just don’t forget your snacks.

6) Palette Hammock

If you’re serious about napping, want a truly unique idea and are into upcycling some old palettes, you might consider creating a bed hammock! The flat surfaces make it ideal for holding a lightweight mattress. The gaps in the palettes also make it easier to suspend the hammock from a roof. Pair with some fairy lights and perhaps a nearby fire for some ambience and sleep under the stars. Alternately, you can set the palettes up in a chair shape to make a larger swing instead of a bed. Or, on a similar note you might want to ditch the palettes for a hanging tipi! That way you’re protected from the harsh sun and can really get into those daytime naps without the risk of sunburn.

7) Swing Set

This one is a simpler idea. Adding a pergola into the garden which can hold two chair style hammocks is a great way to create a relaxing comfy space that brings back those childhood memories of sitting on a swing. You might want to opt for a chic woven hammock or more elegant chair hammock depending on your tastes. Get cosy with a book and some cushions or grab a friend and sway away while you catch up.

The variations in utilising and displaying are endless. The way you want to set up your hammock is totally customisable to your own taste, so why not make a new centrepiece for your garden and get everyone talking? When everyone is done admiring your new hammock and they’ve gone home, it’s time for you to relax in your new space.