How Do I Treat And Protect My Wooden Hammock Stand?


Trees - nature's gift to earth. We’ve made many useful, reliable, and strong tools out of wood and one of them is hammock stands.

Whilst there are tons of tips and guides on how to use the hammock in multiple different ways, there are times when we don’t use them that often and it’s better stored away temporarily until summer and spring come along and tanning becomes a thing again.

Whilst the cloth used to make the hammocks are treated, strong, reliable, well woven and can be easily cleaned, the same love and care is poured into the stands that hold them up. After all, if your wooden/ metal stand looks over 100 years old, but the hammock itself looks about 50, that’s not very inviting.

So, like any other natural material taking care of your wooden hammock stand is very important and very easy as well. It’s a few minutes of your time at least twice a year - and that's it! So how do you keep your stand looking in tip-top shape? 


Good old fashioned sponge bath:

Isn’t it a nice relaxing feeling just the thought of slipping into a hot soapy bath with a sponge to wash you down? Well, the same can be said for your beloved Hammock stand. Whilst some people relax doing less, others enjoy the therapy of routines.

A simple bowl, a kettle of water diluted with tap water and a squeeze of soap is all your sponge needs to elongate the life of your wooden stand and keep it lasting longer than expected. It’s an easy process you can include when washing the car on Sunday, 2 birds 1 sponge :)

Not only does this keep the dust off and your wooden stand looking as fresh as the day you bought it, but the hot water is excellent in removing any mould and mildew. 


Protecting your wood from the sun:

After you properly clean the stand using hot water, soap and a sponge, let it dry out properly (preferably do this on a sunny day), you can then go the extra mile of protecting the wood from cracking and ageing from the harsh sun by applying UV Protection Oil, then placing it into storage during winter.

This little attention to detail will save you from a lot of heartbreak in the future and prevent ageing as well. The need to wash down your hammock stands can be cut in half if you go that extra mile and pay attention to storage and proper cover protection. If exposure is not your style, then we’ve got options for you too, keep reading.


Why would a cover matter?

Imagine a Ford Mustang/ Ferrari left outside (in the same spot) for half of the year, with no wax, no sponge baths or any maintenance of any sort! She’s not going to look her best for too long. Just like that, a car cover would’ve saved you a lot of paint job repairs. The same theory can be passed onto your hammock stand, be it a wooden masterpiece or an iron hammock stand.

Especially during rainy days that cover can help you prevent exposure to dampness, but you must make sure to remove the cover when the sun comes out, as mildew is a real thing.

Having a cover is especially helpful for those of us who don’t have the motivation to wash a stand-down or who don’t want to constantly dismantle every time the season changes, even after taking a Redbull. The whole idea of a hammock is to relax, trust me the maintenance part is not the catch!


Storage tips:

As much as you’d love to spend most of your days in your hammock, especially if you’ve adjusted it specifically for you, the truth is we have other pleasures in life too and so during the winter and autumn months most hammocks take a break.

This is the best time to give your wooden hammock stands a sponge bath and your iron stand a touch up of rust-proof paint, before storing the iron hammock stands in cool and dry conditions, and your wooden stands in a well-aired but covered storage space like the garage or any room that aren't friends with spiders and mould.

There are tons of sprays, oils, and care products available to help strengthen and prolong the quality of your hammock and the stands that hold them out, after all, what's a good-looking hammock with a creaky looking stand? A very interesting tablecloth perhaps?

Psst, don't forget to take care of the actual hammock too with our care kit.

Bring out the best in your hammock today by chatting to us about the best care for you.

May the relaxing power of hammocks always be with you.

- Ari