How To Get Into a Hammock

Get Into a Hammock

Despite how great they are, hammocks frequently come with the dread of approaching them. We have put together a step-by-step guide on how to get into a hammock since we are positive there is no need for you to bear this burden. Don't let this stop you from experiencing total relaxation wherever you are.

Step 1) Place Yourself Central to The Hammock

First and foremost, let me reiterate that progression is more important than speed; take your time and enjoy the journey; after all, the tortoise always wins the race. On that note, identify the hammock's centre and stand next to it to get things started. You've got this!

Step 2) Grab The Close Edge Of The Hammock.

The next step on the list is grasping. Grab the edge of the hammock that is nearest to you and slowly yet carefully lean until it tilts slightly. The hammock should now be brushing on the back of your knee depending on the hammock's height. If you made it this far you are doing great! 

Step 3) Sit Down Slowly And Steadily.

If you conquered steps 1 and step 2, it's time to take action. Sitting down, slowly and steadily, lower yourself while grasping the edge of the hammock that is closest to you. Once you have arrived, take a moment to acknowledge your accomplishments before moving on. Furthermore, wait until the hammock has stopped rocking to avoid a hammock disaster. 

Step 4) Twist Your Body and Grab The Farthest Edge.

Now that you're comfortably seated, it's time for step 4. Twisting your body slightly, grab the edge of the hammock that is farthest from you firmly while retaining the edge closest to you in your other hand. Now each hand should be grasping a hammock edge securely.

Step 5) Place Both Legs Into The Hammock.

Your greatest fear may be Step 5, but here at Simply Hammocks, we assure you that you need not be concerned. Sitting in the centre of the hammock, slowly and carefully swing only one leg into the hammock, gently followed by the other. If you are not in the centre, the hammock will gently remind you to move by rocking you with a chance of mocking you! So simply adjust your position accordingly if this happens.

Step 6) Sit Back And Relax.

Take a deep breath and relax after both legs are in the hammock; you've successfully mastered the hammock at this point. Slowly recline while observing your surroundings and inhaling the crisp air. You might be wondering how to escape, but you'll have to wait until the next blog post for that answer.

If reading this has given you peace of mind that you need to overcome your fear of a hammock (not be frightened of a hammock), visit our extensive collection NOW. From hanging chairs to double hammocks, Simply Hammocks have it all.