How To Use a Hammock to Level Up Your Interior Design

Globo Chair


Ever had that issue where you want the fresh cool summer breeze? but the blinding sunlight that comes with it is way too much for you to handle? Well, Simply Hammocks have a solution for that and other interior decorating ideas you probably haven't thought of yet.

1. Curtains

Yes, you can use a hammock as a curtain, I mean why not? After all, it does come in a variety of sizes, colours and designs for you to choose from. Hang the hammocks above the window and tie the centre with a bow style when you want to bring in some light. If you'd prefer no light but all that cool summer breeze, then leave the hammock curtains open and secure the ends, so it doesn't flap around.


2. Ceiling Covers

So, you're moving into a new home/ flat and the ceilings are putting you off. That's not a train smash, just go out grab a few hammocks and use them as ceiling decor- it covers that ugliness and opens up a world of colour. You can now hang flowerpots from the ceiling to complete the look and nobody will know what's behind there.


3. Accentuate your walls

Why spend hundreds of dollars getting wallpaper, glue, and other tools, only to find out DIY wallpaper is a mess. Paint your walls one colour and hang a beautiful hammock as your accent feature. They come with frills on the side to add character and various patterns for you to choose from.

Accentuate your walls

4. Children's playroom

The options here are endless, hang a hammock close to your ceiling, build a wall ladder and let the fun begin (also a great way to have sleepovers in a small space). For other ideas on what to do with your hammock in a small space click our previous article

Children's playroom

5. Patio 

Not all of us have huge patios we can decorate with furniture, but we do have space, creativity and imagination. Use a hammock as patio seating, it's fun, interactive, relaxing and very beneficial for your spine.

Hammocks and hanging chairs are elements of fun and can be very tasteful, it is not meant for hippies only, nor did they get left behind in the 60s. They are here to stay and will constantly evolve as we do.

I know life can be difficult with kids and family, so finding time to relax can be a luxury, but when you say the words, "I'm in my study" everybody knows it's a do not disturb announcement. What better place to keep a hammock than in your study/ library next to the window with a view? Now you can take that afternoon nap, without any disturbance (provided you lock the door behind you)


6. Man Cave

What about hanging a few hammock chairs in the man cave, for those unexpected stay overs, let's face it men don't care where they snooze once they've had a few too many and usually wake up the next morning with pains in parts of their bodies they didn't know existed. With a hammock, the Mrs. can have peace of mind that her house is not about to turn into a free BnB, and your buddies can enjoy a night "in" stress-free and pain-free (although I cannot guarantee that a hammock can solve the hangover come sunrise).

Hammocks come in all sorts of sleek designs for the sophisticated eye and in other simple designs for the casual minimalist, wherever you reside a hammock will always add that finishing touch to your home. After all, what is a home without warmth, comfort, and joy, not just for guests but for you, the most important person of all?

Treat yourself, upgrade your home and live your best life, all through the power of a hammock (which has great health benefits for your body, posture, and spine. Check out our page for more details).

- Ari