10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Amazonas Hammocks

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We’ve worked with a range of hammock creators and innovators, but we have to say that Amazonas has really blown us away with its range and business model. From fantastic, sustainable, and stylish hammocks to giving back to the community - we’ve compiled a list of ten reasons why we love Amazonas, and why you should too.

1) The First to Commercialise Hammocks

Amazonas’ founder Matthias made his very first hammock when travelling with the Huaorani Tribe in South America. This was the start of sleeping without back pain and after discovering his love for hammocks, he didn’t leave them behind on his return to Germany. He started importing hammocks and sold them to friends and acquaintances, and within a few months, AMAZONAS was sold in several stores across Germany.

2) The Best Quality

All Amazonas products adhere to strict safety regulations and are TUV and GS certified. The hammocks are also built to last, with some stands and hammocks lasting 10+ years even with regular use. Therefore, when you buy Amazonas, you’re getting a quality guarantee.

3) Lowest Return Rate

As a business, it’s inevitable we must deal with returns. Sometimes customers buy the wrong size or don’t like how the hammock looks. The statistics show that customers return Amazonas products less often than the other brands, which is a testament to their quality! Happy customers are essential to a business, and it’s rare that a customer won’t be satisfied with their Amazonas hammock.

4) Easy to Understand Range

Lots of brands make it difficult for a customer to choose the right hammock, they’ll offer too many sizes and too many colours for just one hammock which makes it confusing – especially when you come to buy stands or fixings. The Amazonas range is easy to understand, and it’s clear which stands are compatible with which hammocks. The hammocks are clearly named so we can easily identify the products, and that makes it much easier for the customer to purchase.

5) On Trend

Amazonas hammocks are stylish and contemporary. The range of styles and colours is always on-trend and suited to a variety of décor. New products are always created in line with the most recent style trends, and there’s bound to be a colour scheme to suit your interior design needs.

6) The World’s Biggest and Most Trusted Hammock Brand

What started off as a small business in Germany now operates in 48 countries. The award-winning hammocks are loved internationally and can be found in homes, resorts, and hotels globally. This goes to show that the brand is well trusted, and with expansion into more countries a likely possibility -it’s easy to see why.

7) Sustainable Brand

With the ongoing climate crisis, AMAZONAS strives to be as sustainable as possible. In the production factory, rainwater is collected and filtered for wetting and drying the wood. Sawdust chippings are collected and turned into briquettes, solar harnessing powers the warehouse – even the wood and the fabrics are sustainably sourced and recyclable. If you’re eco-conscious this is a great brand to buy from.

8) Giving Back to the Community

Amazonas supports the Der Kleine Nazareno project which provides a safe home to hundreds of children in Brazil. Not only that but the children are provided with schooling and support in their search for work. Amazonas is in close, regular contact with the project and sends over money to help support the cause.

Additionally, Amazonas supports fair working for all. In the early 2000s the company helped breathe life back into the abandoned warehouses in Brazil that are now used to produce Amazonas Hammocks and the workers there are looked after.

9) Comfort

Only the finest materials are used to ensure a high-quality product. This means that you’ll be fully supported in the hammock by soft and durable materials. Amazonas hammocks are designed with the customer in mind!

10) Hammocks Make You Happy

That is the motto of Amazonas – and for good reason. Hammocks really do make you happy! Therapeutic hammocks and therapeutic swings can support people in various therapies - for example, autism spectrum disorders, especially in children.