Hammock Mistakes | 8 Things NOT To Do

At Simply Hammocks HQ, we get a lot of weird and wonderful questions about what you can and can’t do in a hammock, so we thought we would clarify a few DON’Ts with you;

1) Can I swing myself right over?

Not only do you risk falling out and really hurting yourself, but you could end up with your ropes all knotted and nothing but a broken hammock, or leg, to show for it!

Tom and Jerry Hammock 

2) Can I use it as a trampoline?

This we think would be fairly explanatory. A whole truckload of disasters spring to mind with this one but children seem intent on giving it a try!

3) Can I floss in a hammock

So we know ‘flossing’ is a thing, and we have all tried to do it in the office, some with a lot more success than others, may I add. Best to try it on the firmer ground we reckon!

4) Will doing my finances make it less stressful?

Hammocks are supposed to be a tranquil place, for relaxing, snoozing, reading and dreaming. So leave your reports, end of year reports and astro-physics for your desk!

5) Can I do hammock yoga?

Suspended or ‘Arial’ yoga is a thing, but without proper instruction, we think that this too could end up with you having to take a trip to A&E. I mean who really is that flexible anyway?!

Hammock Yoga


6) Can I jump into my hammock?

The short answer, no. Though all of our hammocks are tested to almost 3x their load capacity rating, this is no guarnatee that should you jump into your hammock, it would catch you. You are well within your rights to jump into your hammock should you wish, but you are not covered by the warranty should you do so. 

8) Can I put two people in a single hammock?

Whatever you do with your hammock, realistically, is up to you. Should you put two people into your single hammock and it holds, that's great. However, don't take this as meaning it is doing no damage. Should your hammock not snap under the pressure, you are stretching the fibers of the hammock which leads to a bigger "dip" in your hammock.