Hammock Chairs

Our stylish hammock chairs offer a fun and quirky alternative to the traditional indoor or outdoor chair. Perfect for contemporary apartments, bedrooms or gardens, a hammock chair will add zest and vibrancy to your existing furniture layout.

Designed for absolute comfort, our luxurious hammock chairs will envelope your body and scoop you up into a drift of relaxation. You can sit in splendour as you chat to friends or close your eyes and allow the gentle sway to rock beside your dreams. Easy to fit and suitable for hanging both indoors and outdoors, you can adapt your hammock chair to suit your specific requirements. Whether you like the tropical ambience of the Brasil Papayar design or the neutral simplicity of the Havanna Marine Hammock Chair, our versatile and flexible products are guaranteed to please. Even children will appreciate this wonderful furniture component and a hammock chair will certainly get your visitors talking (and inevitably wanting to try it out).

As with all of our products, our hammock chairs are made from the most sturdy and resilient material. From stainless metal fittings to ash wood bars, our durable hammock chairs ensure paramount safety and security. If you are using your hammock chair outdoors, then the British weather need not cause a problem. Designed with our erratic seasons in mind, many of our hammock chairs are impressively weather proof, so during periods of bad weather, they will literally hang around and wait for you until the sun is shining again.

You can’t say that about an arm chair can you?