Amazonas Ultra-Light Travel Hammock Guide | All You Need to Know

An an official UK supplier of Amazonas Ultra-Light travel hammocks, we've put together this handy 'need-to-know' guide to show you why we think these hammock are truly special and a perfect travel companion. 

"Nearly three decades ago, I embarked on a journey that has led to the reality I'm living today."

 Matthias Saul, Founder

How Was it Born?

Welcome to our world of hammocks, where comfort meets adventure! In the early '90s, my travels through South America sparked a love for hammocks. Faced with the rainforest floor, I crafted my own hammock with the Huaorani tribe's help. It wasn't perfect, but locals showed me the ropes.

Back in Germany, I imported and sold hammocks, founding AMAZONAS. From this venture, my dream of innovation and self-made products flourished. Establishing a hammock weaving mill in Brazil, I honed skills with traditional makers, shaping our products today.

After three decades, setbacks, and global expeditions, our hammocks stand as a testament to passion and dedication. Join us on this journey, and remember – the best hammock is the one always by your side.

Read all about Matthias story here

Ryan @ TreeDeep Outdoors  has a fantastic video detailing the set up and usability. 

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What Makes The Ultra-Light Hammock So Special?

The Ultra-Light Hammock isn't just a product; it's a brilliant solution born out of sheer necessity. Conceived to cater to the discerning needs of travelers, this hammock isn't just a creation; it's a design philosophy meticulously crafted for those who seek a light, flexible, and luxuriously comfortable travel companion. Its uniqueness lies not just in its form but in its purpose, making it a paragon of thoughtful design meeting unparalleled usability.

Unbeatable Arguments

1. So Light You'll Hardly Notice It
Unlike a classic hammock, which weighs around 2-3 kg, most of our outdoor travel  hammocks are between 300 g and 900 g light! With its 180 g intrinsic weight, our Adventure Hammock is actually the lightest king-size hammock in the world!

Combined with a tarp and underquilt, a trekking hammock can replace a camp bed, sleeping bag or even a tent when bivouacking. This way you save valuable kilos in your hiking backpack.

2. Super Small Profile
Hardly bigger than a 0.3 litre water bottle, an ultralight hammock fits into any piece of luggage and into any van or camper, no matter how full it is. It can be stowed in a jacket pocket and will almost be lost in your travel bagpack.

3. Punches Above its Weight
Our Amazonas Hammock Adventure series is made out of 20D ripstop nylon. Hammocks made of this material are not only particularly durable (max. load 150 kg); the ripstop technology also ensures that if there is a small hole in the material, it will not create a ‘runner’ or a tear. In this way it stands up to the most challenging tests!

Especially after a long journey or a strenuous hike, you deserve to stretch out comfortably. That’s why the size of the lying surface also plays an important role in ultralight hammocks. This is because for the right lying technique you need to have enough fabric, especially in terms of width. For this reason, our hammocks are wider than standard.

4. Packed With Clever Tech!
In humid conditions or high temperatures, a cotton hammock can take a long time to dry. An ultra-light travel hammock made of parachute silk, on the other hand, gets dry again very quickly, just because of the thinness of the material and the special breathable fabric.

5. Flexible
Outdoor travel hammocks are flexible and can be used in all life situations. Whether in your rucksack on a trip around the world, or in your hiking backpack when trekking, a hammock made of ultralight material is an outdoor helper you can rely on. A space-saver of this minute size takes up hardly any room in the fullest van or camper. Even bushcrafters, who have high demands when it comes to functional outdoor equipment, appreciate the advantages of this compact substitute bed.

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Amazonas Ultra-Light Hammock Accessories

The Ultra-Light range is truly flexible. With many combination you are able to create unique spaces for fishing, camping or exploring

Amazonas Ultra-Light Compatibility Guide for Hammocks and Accessories
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Travel Inspiration from our Customers

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Editors Pick

Silk Traveller Techno Hammock with Micro Ropes. Offering affordability and includes a set of micro ropes, giving the user the ultimate flexibility. All the portability benefits of our Ultra-Light range in a dashing colour.

Amazonas Silk Traveller Hammock in a outdoor setting

What I Like about the Amazonas Silk Traveller Techno Hammocks

* Supports up to 150kg of weight
* Includes Micro Ropes
* Made from lightweight, soft parachute silk
* Vibrant colour
* Only 400 gramms
* Includes travel bag

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