Can you shorten a hammock?

A woman adjusting her hammock length using a hammock angel

In short, yes, there are a few ways to shorten a hammock and there is a specific fixing that can help you shorten the hammock without damaging the rope or the function of the hammock, to keep it stable and reliable. You may be wondering, why would you need to shorten a hammock? There are a variety of reasons but most of them stem from not having enough space to enjoy your hammock or using the hammock indoors. Below are some ways you can shorten the length of the hammock. 

Shorten a hammock with the hammock angel length adjuster

This fixing is a perfect way to give yourself more freedom with the space you have, The Angel fixing is the perfect fixing to reduce the length of your hammock while keeping it safe and reliable. The reduction length is 25cm per individual Angel, meaning if you’re shortening the hammock from both sides, it works out to 50cm! (The pack contains 2x Angel Length Adjusters, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing another) This can make a huge difference. The load capacity of the hammock angel is 200kg, which is compatible with almost all of our hammocks, yes the family and double hammocks too! Please note: Spreader bar hammocks aren’t compatible with the Angel fixing.

It’s super easy to use, simply guide the hammock suspension (this is the woven loop at the end of the hammock, also known as the hammock eye) through the Hammock Angel, then hook it into the hammock wall hook or frame. If you would like to look at our other fixings, click here. The Angel is made from 100% galvanised steel, meaning it is more durable towards rusting and weather – perfect for both indoor and outdoor use!

There is also a video explaining how to use the Hammock Angel correctly, if you would like to view this click here.

two knots tied to show the difference in length

Shorten a hammock by tying a knot

Did you know you could also tie knots to make your hammock shorter? It’s simple however there can be some limitations. Once you’ve tied the hammock strings and put your body weight on the hammock it can be difficult to untie this, you may be limited to a shorter hammock, so if you are 100% committed to having a shorter hammock to make room, then go ahead! Additionally, to give you some peace of mind, this technique is generally safe to use on your hammock however it’s up to the consumer if they want to do so just in case it does compromise the safety of the hammock, we recommend getting the Angel Hammock Adjuster, just to be 100% on the safe side. We’ve attached some pictures to show you what the knot looks like and how much of the length is left to make it even easier for you, we’ve measured the difference for you!

Without the knot in place, the length of the strings is 46-50cm and with the knot, the length becomes 25-28cm, which is quite a big difference and almost identical to the difference when using the Angel Adjuster. Overall, both methods are pretty good and generally safe, but as a precaution fixing may be your best bet.