Cracked Enigma of Eco-Friendly & Self-Sustainable Manufacturing

Pioneers of Eco-Friendly & Self-Sustainable Warehouse and Manufacturing

Last year Simply Hammocks made over broke all records with a multi-million-pound turnover. Let’s talk about the positive change we’re pioneering.

We’re proud to live in the world we do and do everything in our power to protect it for generations to come. That’s why, us along with Amazonas, set ourselves the goal to revolutionise warehousing and manufacturing in an eco-friendly self-sustainable manner, in addition to providing homes, schooling and guidance to neglected children who live in Brazilian favelas. That is exactly what we have done. Together we have cracked the code for eco-friendly & self-sustainable Manufacturing.

How have we achieved what was thought to be impossible? Just like this:

Our handmade wooden furniture is characterized by the highest product quality and sustainable productions. We only process FSCTM-certified wood from sustainably managed forests. Solar modules are located on the roof of the production building to generate electricity. In addition, we collect rainwater for various production processes in a storage tank. The durability and hard-wearing nature of the high-quality indoor and outdoor fabric agora conserve resources. We use recycled materials, such as recycled PET bottles, as a filling material for the upholstery of our garden furniture. Each production machine is exhausted via a central exhaust system. Chips of the processed wood are sucked in and pneumatically transported to a storage tank. In addition, air filters absorb fine wood particles, creating a clean and dust-free working environment. The collected chips are automatically pressed into briquettes and burned in a computer-controlled furnace. The energy generated in the process is used to heat the drying plant for the wood, thus creating a sustainable energy cycle. The location of the warehouse was deliberately chosen in close proximity to Poland in order to keep CO2 emissions from transport as low as possible.
(Video Version - Eco- Friendly Sustainable Garden Warehouse With Natural Energy Cycle )

As a company that prides itself on environmental care as much as it does customer care, we strive for perfection through sustainable means. Having helped environmental charities like “1% for the planet”, “Arbor Day Foundation”, “We Forest” and “Eden Reforestation Projects” achieve their goals, we ensure to use maintain CO2 neutral shipping partners with DPD for global shipping. When it comes to shipping our fantastic products to our customers, we partner with carrier companies who have a strong statement against Modern Slavery.