Hammock accessories you need to get!

A photo of hammock fixings

So, you’ve got your hammock, but aren’t sure what to get for it? Don’t worry! This blog covers everything you’ll need in order to get your hammock ready to be enjoyed! Below are some amazing accessories that will take your hammock to the next level (and safety of course).

Easy Plus Hammock Fixing

This Easy Plus hook was developed specifically for the suspension of hammocks from the wall (wood or masonry). The hammock easily and securely clips into the snap hook. Thanks to the integrated plastic guide, you smoothly and quietly float off into dreamland. For long periods of hammock enjoyment: Easy+ is secured with a nylon ring, which prevents friction between metal and metal.

The Easy plus includes carabiners, screws, and nylon screw plugs. The supplied screws are designed for masonry and wood. Use the plugs when mounting your hammock/chair into masonry.

Rotating swivel fixing

The Rotating Swivel Fixing allows gentle rotation from the right direction which prevents any chords from becoming chafed or tangled. Those who do not have a power hook for their hanging chair require a swivel to deal with the rotation. At the same time, it protects the suspension from heavy turns, such as those from over-enthusiastic children. Combine with the Jumbo or Easy+ fixing to get your hanging chair hung and turning freely. (Email or call if you are unsure about ceiling / hanging heights) With an abrasion-resistant nylon disk with a split pin and safety string, it’s perfect for hanging chairs and spreader bar hammocks.

Sono Hammock fixing

Hammock experts, like the Brazilians, hang their Amazonas hammocks or hanging chairs on springs. This creates a gentle swaying motion, making sure there is the ultimate relaxation. We recommend this hammock accessory to those that need to unwind at the end of a long working day or even relieve stress and anxiety.

Jumbo hammock fixing

Trust this fixing! This hammock accessory is made from super aggressive galvanized steel that will grip hold of the wood and not rust once fitted.  A giant high-quality grey nylon wall plug is also provided for use when fixing into masonry. One Jumbo Hammock Fixing will be required for hanging chairs and two for hammocks. Simply attach fixing to the wooden wall/post/frame etc. and hammock/chair to the carabiner hook for easy hanging.

Hammock and hanging chair clip large

These are safe and strong clips that can be used to connect hammocks and hanging chairs to existing stands, ropes, wall fixings, etc. The spring-loaded clip mechanism makes it easy to attach your hammock/chair and gives that reassuring feeling when you're hanging above the ground. 

Madera wooden post hammock stand

The Madera Wooden Hammock Stand acts as the second hanging point for your hammock. It's a strong, solid stand which is constructed from Ashwood. It works by being anchored into the ground using a ground peg – just like a tent. The Madera Hammock Stand is ideal for camping, or simply relaxing in your garden. It's easy to assemble, disassemble and stow away as needed. This is the perfect gift for a hammock lover! If a stand sparked your interest, click here to see all our stands and even our sets!

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