#HammockTakeover Manchester was a success

Hammock Takeover

The fabric slings appeared in several locations this morning including Piccadilly Gardens, Cathedral Gardens, Great Northern and MediaCityUK, with the simple instructions to ‘take a load off, and have ten minutes of chill out on us'.

On 17 July 2018, Simply Hammocks visited Manchester City Centre on a covert mission, to brighten up the concrete jungle with our colourful hammocks - yes, it was time to launch #HammockTakeover!

It went down a storm anartly because the weather held out, allowing many commuters, the homeless and shoppers to stop and relax amongst the busy hustle and bustle.

hammocks garden
Millions of people saw the hammocks, in person and over social media as the topic hit the local news with a bang. We are now planning our next location, due to the overwhelming success, question is - where should we visit next? For more pictures visit our social media page

The hammocks were donated to the city and we hoped they would stay up for longer than they did. Unfortunately, the council removed them, but it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Without making the bold move I think it would have been an immediate no anyway!

Hammock Takeover  Hammock Takeover
Hammock Takeover Hammock Takeover