Simply Hammocks Olympic Range

Hammock in the Forest

The Olympics are a little different this year. With many of us choosing to staycation in our home countries, lots of us will be watching the games on the TV – perhaps from the comfort of a hammock? We’ve lots of hammocks inspired by countries that are participating in the Tokyo Olympics, if this list doesn’t inspire you to get yourself one of our high-quality hammocks, then perhaps it can inspire your next adventure abroad. Ready? On your marks, get set, go!

1) Brazi

This chic family sized hammock is complete with Jacquard design and veranda hem. Plenty of room to fit you and your family, made with recycled Brazillian cotton in a sophisticated cream colour. Let this hammock transport you to the sandy shores of Rio de Janiero, extremely soft and comfortable – perhaps a daytime nap or even a caipirinha is in order?


2) France

Like the Rio hammock, this one is also a high-quality jacquard design with a veranda hem. This one is distinctly more French with its red and cream colour scheme, reminiscent of a petite French bakery. This one is a family friendly hammock which means plenty of room to cuddle with your loved ones, you can imagine you’re sailing on the river Seine or on a romantic date in the city of love – Paris.


3) USA

Compatible to hang from one of our stands or rigged between to trees, the American Dream really is a dream to lie on. Super cosy and durable outdoors – it also comes with its own matching bag for portability. Let it transport you to the sandy beaches of Miami, a cosy penthouse in New York or the tranquil Colorado Rockies forest.


4) Colombia

Place the Columbia in your garden and imagine your hammock rigged between two trees in the tropical Amazon rainforest. There’s no need to learn how to Salsa with the Columbia, all you’ll want to do is relax. This large hammock has so much space that you can get cosy with a loved one. Made from soft yet tough cotton this one really takes the stage in the garden.


5) Cuba

The Havana Fuego Hammock chair is perfect for experiencing Cuba right at home. All you need is a Cuba Libre. The chair is easy to get in and out of meaning that you can get up and dance to exotic Cuban rhythms or play baseball which is the official sport of Cuba. It’s very easy to put up and take down and is made from EllTex, a durable material that allows you to hang your hammock inside or outdoors all year round!


6) Barbados

Simple and stylish, holds up to two people if you feel like sharing. Made from recycled cotton which is super soft and won’t fade! You can leave it outside or hang indoors. The natural shade makes a very chic addition to any home. Perfect for soaking up the sun.


7) Aruba

Consistently fine weather and stunning white beaches. Aruba is really something to see. Our Aruba hammock is one of our best sellers and it is not hard to see why. Strong and durable, the colour will last year after year. Aruba is known as the happy island, and this hammock is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you see it in your home or garden.


8) Trinidad and Tobago

Small island, immense energy. Just like our Tobago hammock, which is designed as a single hammock, compatible with a number of our hammock stands or can be rigged between two trees – it’s completely up to you. Tobago is a sweet and chich hammock in a neutral colour which resembles the island shores. We suggest relaxing in this one and listening to the drumming of the steel pans and let your mind take you to Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago

9) Tonga

The friendly island! The Tonga hammock has enough room for you and a friend. This one is strong and stylish and certainly stands out. In Tonga it is illegal to do sports, chores or conduct business on a Sunday – so what else to do but chill out on your Tonga hammock?


10) Belize

There’s plenty to do in Belize. Scuba diving, historic sites, jaguar sanctuaries – you’ll never be bored. BUT Belize does have howler monkeys whose screams can be heard from miles away. Lying in our Belize hammock will give you the relaxing vibe of the country without the jaguars and screaming monkeys. Guaranteed relaxation.


11) Panama

Panama’s national sport is football. And our Panama hammock chair makes the perfect place to relax after a long game. It’s incredibly strong, holding up to 120kg in weight, and the bright kiwi colour really makes an eye-catching piece in any home or garden. You can imagine you’re floating above the Panama canal.


12) Palau  

Palau is the fourth smallest population in the world! Palau has a natural spa, with white mud found in the Milky Way Lagoon. Our Palau chair has armrests so you can put your own mud mask on and fully relax. Palau is also famous for its varied water activities and jellyfish lake. You could suspend your hammock over some water and let your feet take a dip!


If you’re watching the Olympics this year, why not watch from the comfort of one of these hammocks? Be sure to keep a look out for these countries participating in the games too!