Expert Guide: Protecting and Maintaining Your Wooden Spruce Outdoor Furniture

Wooden spruce outdoor furniture brings a natural, elegant touch to any garden or patio. However, exposure to the elements can cause damage over time, leading to discoloration, rot, and deterioration. To maintain the natural color of your wooden spruce furniture and protect it from UV damage and moisture, it's essential to use the right products and follow a regular maintenance routine. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to keep your wooden spruce furniture looking beautiful and well-protected, with a focus on products popular in the UK.

Pictured: Our range of FSC-certified sustainable spruce wood products

Essential Products for Protecting Wooden Spruce Outdoor Furniture

UV-Resistant Wood Sealer

UV-resistant wood sealers protect the wood from harmful UV rays and moisture, preserving its natural color and preventing weathering. When choosing a sealer, look for products labeled as UV-resistant or those containing UV inhibitors.

Recommended Brands:

  • Osmo UV-Protection Oil
  • Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil
  • Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil
Clear Wood Preservative

Clear wood preservatives penetrate deep into the wood to protect it from rot, decay, and insect damage while maintaining its natural appearance.

Recommended Brands:

  • Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver
  • Cuprinol Clear Wood Preserver
  • Ronseal Total Wood Preserver
Outdoor Varnish

Marine-grade varnish or spar varnish provides a durable, clear protective coating that is highly resistant to UV rays and water.

Recommended Brands:

  • Rustins Outdoor Clear Varnish
  • Ronseal Yacht Varnish
  • International Original Yacht Varnish
Teak Oil or Tung Oil

Natural oils like teak oil and tung oil penetrate deeply into the wood, enhancing its natural color and providing moisture protection. These oils often contain UV inhibitors for added protection.

Recommended Brands:

  • Liberon Pure Tung Oil
  • Rustins Teak Oil
  • Colron Refined Teak Oil
Wood Oils with UV Protection

Certain wood oils are specifically formulated to protect against UV rays while enhancing the wood's natural grain and color.

Recommended Brands:

  • Osmo UV-Protection Oil Extra
  • Fiddes Hard Wax Oil UV
  • Sadolin Classic Wood Protection

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Wood Protection Products

1. Preparation

Before applying any product, clean your furniture thoroughly to remove dirt, mildew, or old finishes. Sand the wood lightly to ensure an even application of the treatment.

2. Application

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. Typically, you will use a brush, roller, or cloth to apply the product, ensuring even coverage.

3. Maintenance

Reapply the chosen product as needed, typically every year or as recommended by the manufacturer, to maintain the protection and appearance of the wood.


By using the right products and following a proper maintenance routine, you can keep your wooden spruce outdoor furniture looking beautiful and protected from the elements for years to come. Regular care not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your furniture but also extends its lifespan, making it a worthwhile investment for your outdoor living space.