Amazonas 'The Fat Hammock' Guide | Is Bigger Better?

Experience the grandeur of the fattest and most comfortable hammock globally – generously sized, luxuriously thick, and irresistibly soft, offering an experience akin to lounging on a real bed. Transform your garden into a haven of opulence with this pure expression of leisure.

The Fat Hammock is available from Simply Hammocks from £589.10
Amazonas Fat Hammock in a garden

What is the Fat Hammock? The Fat Hammock is a unique, reversible hammock that combines the comfort of a bed with the traditional hammock experience. Dubbed as the warmest, most comfortable, and coziest hammock on the planet, it's filled with water-repellent padding, ensuring that users stay warm and toasty even in colder weather. This feature makes the Fat Hammock ideal for year-round use, whether you're lounging in the summer sun or stargazing on a crisp winter night​

The Big Fat Hammock Set Simply Hammocks' flagship hammock, the Big Fat Hammock, is renowned for its thickness, akin to floating on a cloud. This iconic hammock's mattress filling is made of polyester and is impregnated with a special water-repellent coating on both sides, making it easy to clean and durable against rain showers. The Big Fat Hammock is paired with the Larch stand, made from 100% FSC-certified larch wood known for its strong, waterproof, and durable properties, often used in shipbuilding due to its natural protection and resistance to extreme weather​.

Sustainability and Quality Simply Hammocks focuses on providing the highest quality products, which is why they have partnered with Amazonas, a renowned manufacturer known for its skilled craftsmanship and the use of the best materials. Amazonas hammocks, including the Fat Hammock, are made by experts using sustainable practices and are the only hammocks to carry the GS Quality and TUV Safety marks, highlighting their exceptional safety and quality​.

How is the Fat Hammock Made? The Fat Reversible Hammock is crafted from a special solution-dyed acrylic that is as soft as cotton but comes with all the protective features needed for longevity. It is resistant to stains and mildew, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Each hammock features a unique dark wooden spreader bar, harmonizing comfort with practicality. These hammocks are manufactured in a top-secret warehouse, where a focus on sustainable and quality materials is a top priority​.

  • Extra-Thick Comfort: Immerse yourself in perfect relaxation with the hammock's extra-thick, water-repellent upholstery that ensures rapid drying and long-lasting durability.

  • Luxurious Agora Cover: The hammock features an Agora cover, soft as cotton, with exceptional light resistance (light fastness 7/8) and weatherproof qualities, delivering a touch of luxury to your outdoor lounging experience.

  • All-Weather Performance: Designed for year-round use, this hammock is not only water repellent but also resistant to mildew, impervious to dirt, and effortlessly easy to clean. It's a worry-free solution for any weather conditions.

  • Dual-Sided Delight: Enjoy versatility at its finest as this hammock can be used on both sides. Simply turn it over to reveal a different color shade, giving you the freedom to switch up your outdoor decor with ease.

  • Detachable, Washable Cushion: Complete with a detachable cushion that is easily washable, ensuring your hammock stays fresh and inviting. Convenience meets luxury in every aspect of your lounging experience.

Flip the script – literally! Our hammock is designed for dual-sided use, allowing you to turn it over and enjoy a fresh color perspective. Complete with a detachable, washable cushion, this hammock is a symbol of sophistication, bringing unparalleled comfort to your outdoor oasis."

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