Take me to the Beach!

As soon as the sun shows it bright sparkly face, we Brits are known for donning as little as possible and flocking in the masses to the nearest beach. We don’t care what beach it is either, golden sands or cobbled crab filled crooks; we’re not wasting a single second of the glorious sunshine.

The sun does indeed make us act in the oddest way. Some go fully equipped with a child under each arm, with everything packed up apart from the kitchen sink; whilst others just about grab their footwear and head off to the nearest coast line!

Before we go running off in search of sandy havens, stop and think about what would make your day at the beach a more enjoyable experience? Are you sick of getting sand in places where the sun doesn’t shine? Can you never get comfortable enough lying on the sand? 

Beach Backpack Chair

You need to get yourself the ultimate beach accessory then. The Beach Canopy Chair! Marvel at its magnificence whilst others can simply watch on whilst shaking the sand from their shorts.

If you’re a grab and go person, then the Beach Mesh Backpack Chair is going to be the best buy you’ve ever made. Its innovative “fold up into a backpack” design is the pinnacle of uber cool; and perfect for not just the beach, but camping, festivals or just about any outdoor activity you can think of! At only 3Kgs, you’ll make sure you don’t forget this canopy chair in a hurry!

Do you like the water, but don’t necessarily like getting wet? Then the fabulous Kelsyus Floating Chair is a must have beach/pool accessory! Similar to a lilo, this little beauty lets you relax in a seated position, instead of the standard lying down lilo. Go ahead, take your favourite book into the pool or the sea, it’s what the Kelsyus chair was made for!


Make sure you take full advantage of the sunshine this summer with SimplyHammocks.co.uk – you’ll never leave home without your beach accessories again!

The sun has got its hat on, and we’re simplyhammocks coming out to play!