NEW: 5 Fantastic Low Cost Hammocking Ideas

Low cost Hammock

Are you in need of a little bit of inspiration for some hammock day trips? Do you want to do something a little different than camping, hiking, or relaxing in the garden? Here’s a list of five low-cost ideas that are easy and simple to set up. All these ideas can be done with your loved ones, or just on your own.

1) Hammock Star Gazing

If you can find the right trees, ones that won’t block your view of the sky, find a place with minimal light where you’ll be able to clearly see the night sky and hang that hammock! Cosy up with someone else or hang solo, it certainly beats laying on the cold hard floor to watch the sky! If it’s a warm summer night you might even drift off to sleep. We recommend the Silk Traveller Forest Hammock for this as it's weatherproof, super lightweight to carry around, easily set up and very comfortable.

Silk Traveller Forest Hammock

2) Hammock Movie Night!

Got a projector and something to project onto? This could be the perfect night in (or out if you’re projecting outside!) Simply set up your hammocks or hammock chairs, your projector and play your favourite film. Make sure to have snacks on hand! This is a very fun way to add a little creativity into a movie night. We recommend using the Tobago Natura Hammock for a cosy movie night with a little ambience. Or, if you prefer to sit in a chair to watch a film you could use the Brasil Atlas Hammock Chair to hang from a stand or roof of your choice.

Silk Traveller Forest Hammock

3) Hammock on the Beach

If you’re planning out a trip to the beach, take your hammock! If your beach has trees to suspend your hammock from, you can hang there. Or look for a beach with a pier and maybe you can hang your hammock in between the posts. This will provide you with a little bit of shade on those sunny days. Bonus – if you decide at any point that you’d rather lay on the sand, you can always take your hammock down and use it as a towel to sit on the hammock. Grab yourself a Travel Hammock Set - ultra-light and great value, take it with you anywhere!

Silk Traveller Forest Hammock

4) Hammock Picnic

Plain and simple, take the idea of a picnic and add comfort by setting up a hammock or two around the blanket. That way, when you get tired or uncomfortable from sitting on the hard floor you can move to your hammock to relax. Of course, if barbeques are more your thing – you can apply the same principle here, just make sure to keep your hammock far enough away from the flames! Palacio Natura has the ultimate cosy picnic vibes, and it's large enough to easily fit two people.

Silk Traveller Forest Hammock


5) No Destination Hammock

We all know about hiking and camping with hammocks, but those ideas are almost always planned. This isn’t necessary! Most of us love a bit of spontaneity, simply pack up your hammock, go for a walk or a drive, somewhere new and find a place to set up! Take some music, or a book and just chill out. We have a range of travel hammocks suitable for your needs. Take a look and find which ones you like!

Silk Traveller Forest Hammock

Wherever you go, make sure to take your trusty hammock. If you do go on any adventures or have any creative ideas for your hammock, we'd love to see your pictures. Find us on social and you could see your post across our social media!