NEW 2017: Introducing La Siesta hammocks

La Siesta Hammock

We are super excited to annouce our NEW La Siesta hammock range. La Siesta have been making hammocks for a long time and are really making waves when it comes to bright colours and cool features. 

La Siesta made their first hammock in 1991 and was the brain child of Alexander and Dorothee Grisar who started making hammocks at home in their garage. They have gone on to create a world renowed brand famous for making high quality hammocks. 

In 2008 they introduced the first hammock made from organic cotton, but it was not readily available in Latin America so Alexander set up a not for profit organisation (SOCiLA) to help cultivate organic cotton in Latin America. He has now stepped down from La Siesta to focus on this whilst his sons run his hammock empire.

La Siesta is a fantastic hammock brand with a fantastic story and we are really proud to stock them at Simply Hammocks.

Cool Fact: La Siesta hold the Guiness World Record for the largest hammock event in the world!

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