New Feature: Find your perfect hammock

We're really excited to launch a new feature on our website that will help you find the perfect hammock, stand, hammock set, fixing or hanging chair.

It's an idea that's been in the making for 6 months and thanks to our whiz developerment team we've been able to bring this new feature to life a lot sooner than we anticipated.

The tool asks you a series of questions (similar to the ones we ask when we get a telephone call) and narrows down the search results based on your answer.

The tool is also supper smart too and you can even specifiy the distance you need your hammock to fit within and it will recommend suitable hammocks. It doesn't just work for hammocks either and you can use it to find a stand, hammock sets, hanging chairs and even recommended fixings for different scenarios.

The tool is still in beta, so if you spot any mistakes or have any suggestions on how we can improve it please email them in to us at

Until then, feel free to give our new tool a whizz....

HAmmock Filter-Tool


You can find more information on this tool in our previous blog - click here for more information