A Fun Guide To Buying Hammocks - Simply Hammocks UK Video


Hey, Greg, it’s Scott, listen I'm done by the lake drop what you're doing in the office and can you come and meet me down here got a really good idea. Don't be late.

So I've got this good idea. I think it's a good idea for all these people that come to our website and they've got all these questions, loads of questions like what size how much do I need? Spreader Bar or Non-Spreader Bar? Yeah or do I like cheese or do I like mustard? no yeah okay,  yeah well they've got these questions What I think is let's do a video, yes get all the stuff out of the warehouse today. Put it in this Libyan showroom perfect and answer those questions today now right now but I was following my taxes everything's changing today a good one. 

so one of the most common questions we get asked is how can I hang my hammock they're just loads of different ways but right now we're going to look at between two trees because this to me just looks like the most idyllic spot and to do that I'm going to use this smart road fixing there are lots of different fixings but this is the one we're going to use right now on this tree so let's have a closer look how this works

all you need to do is put the smart rope around the tree like that you thread it through the hoop and then you want to pull it nice and tight against the tree like that and if you need a bit more length there's an adjuster on here that you can use to make it longer or shorter

so once you've attached a smart rope all that's left then is to hang your hammock and so I'm just going to clip this on really simple just on the carabiner nothing comma I'll just relax in the hammock and if you only have one tree use the Madeira stand no all of our hammocks our hammock beds some of them are hammock chairs like this one we've got this one hanging from a tree some of our customers hang them from boards you can even hang them from ceilings awesome

so we've launched at all the different places that you can hang your hammock you can hang it between two trees if you only have one tree you can use a Madeira stand and Greg even put his hammock chair up in the tree as well but by far the most popular in my opinion the most beautiful place and way to hang your hammock is on one of our wooden stands and the main benefit of that is really is you choose where you want to place it thought you meant to be doing faxes

 so another really common question is what size hammock do I buy so on the website we've categorized them as a single double and XL family now there are some other big hammocks and so you need to take a look for yourself now just to my left I've got a single a double and an XL family hammer now you can see the single hammock is pretty big since that's a giant dog I've got lived there so all you need to do is take a look on the website and just work out which hammock you need from the sizes

so that typical hammock question spreader bar unknown spreader bar you basically can't go wrong really the spreader bar spreads it the non-spreader bar doesn't have a think about what you're gonna do in it and then decide what do you like Tilly spreader bar none spreader bar spreader bar so we know what Tilley likes you like the spreader bar hammock I personally like the non-spreader bar hammer it just wraps around me and I just love to be cocooned in it I just love that feeling of when the material just covers me Brenda might have broke ginger skin and I probably need that in this soil weather so what do you think Tilley 

so we've looked at where you're going to hang your hammock we've looked at the types of hammock and all that's left now is to look at the different materials so let's go and do that tell me till you get off that foxy recorded

yeah cool so let's talk about fabrics so our most popular let's talk about fabrics so our most popular fabric is the Brazilian cotton fabric it's a South American handmade cotton it holds the color really really well very very soft to touch and it just feels like a really good quality product and although you're not really meant to leave them out in the rain as long as you care for them and you bring them in and you look after them you let them dry properly this will do well if you are going to be leaving out in the rain a lot then my advice is go for a weatherproof hammock so this one is an eltechs hammock it's fully waterproof it's also got UV coating on it so it's not going to fade and you know what that is as soft as the cotton if not softer so it's a really great product and finally you've got the pouch itself I mean it's so light I couldn't even feel it on the shoulders it's made from the same sort they use on parachutes so it's super strong super lightweight this is great if you're traveling and you know there's modes of nice little touches with this it compacts into its own bag and there's even a little bottle opener on there so these are all really fantastic amazing handmade products and hopefully you know we've inspired you enough to want to go and order one and you've learned a little bit about the whole hammock situation and so maybe you want to know what happens after you place your order so let's go and have a look at that 

so you've been on our amazing website we've answered all your questions you've made the best choice you could with your hammer you placed your order it's gone to the office we processed it's come down to the warehouse we've picked it we've parked it we've shipped it's on its way to your house one thing left a party


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