Will it Snap? Softa + Two Men Ep01


Hello and welcome to Simply Hammocks.  In our new video series will its nut I'm sat here with Greg and we're going to do something exciting today Greg what we going to do what we're gonna do we're going to put this sofa this man and this man in that hammock will it snap inside we're just using standard smart boat fixing so there's no hidden tricks the only thing we use in is a tire cause you can't help was get in so all that's left to do is find out will it snap Greg

Remember teamwork makes the dream work. This is the moment of truth.

and if we were ever to doubt it it's taking the way perfectly so thank you for viewing will it stop it didn't snap and 

remember to subscribe and comment below with any ideas of things that you would like to see in our hammock apart from that stay tuned thank you very much see you later


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