Why hammocks are important for health

Hammock Health
Hammocks were primarily used for sleeping off the hard, cold and insect ridden forest floors. We don't blame you hunter gatherers! But now you'll find hammocks all over the world in gardens, homes and campsites alike.
One thing that's less commonly talked about with hammocks are the health benefits derived from using them.  Numerous blogs and articles have already extolled the virtues of the simple hammock; ranging from curing insomnia to alleviating back pains and even stopping lifelong snorers from keeping their partners awake!

So how can a simply piece of fabric do so many wonderful things?

To better understand, let's look at the negative effects of stress on our bodies. Research shows that our inner body is constantly reacting to our environment. When you're stressed, the body releases hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) that signals it to be ready. Breathing, heart rate and blood pressure go up and other bodily functions are redirected focusing on our “fight or flight” response to stress. Being in this “stressed” state takes its toll though if its chronic and eventually causes premature aging and illness. Have you ever noticed how everyone is sick in January after stressing the body with too much Christmas indulgence? 

So, where do hammocks come in...?

The simple yet natural design of the hammock gives the body the support and comfort it needs for a truly relaxing experience putting minimal stress on your limbs and spine. Blood flows freely and the gentle movement of the hammock induces an almost hypnotic lull that is sure to send anyone to dreamland. With the hammocks’ ability to induce relaxation, it gives the mind and the body the opportunity to rest.
If you really want to turbo charge your health then try sleeping in a hammock overnight. When used overnight, the hammock can help send you into deeper REM sleep. REM is the sleep stage where the brain is able to process all the information that has happened during waking hours. It is the stage when blood flow is diverted towards the muscles helping it mend and renew. When your mind and body are rested, you wake up in a better mood with a better state of mind.
So remember people, we are human beings, not human doings! Take a moment each day to relax, breath and absorb life. Yes you can do this anywhere, but a hammocks will get you there faster!