Why You Should Get a Hammock or Hammock Chair for Home Working


brasil natura Hammock

Let's get rid of the stereotype that an office must be boring and mundane, after all, your office is the reason why you have that beautiful home, car, and life. So why should your office look and feel like the last place you'd ever want to spend time in. add in some elements of fun, colour, elegance, anti-stagnation with an added taste of maturity. Oh yes, a hammock or a hammock chair can do all this and more to your office space and as a bonus, it also increases your work productivity, so it's a wise and well worth investment that comes in various sizes and colours so you can choose the one that fits your mood for that day/ week (have a look at our range you can choose from on this link).


Health benefits:

Apart from its various aesthetic features, a hammock or hammock chair has a few health benefits that many of its users and people, in general, are not aware of. I know the pain of sitting for hours in a chair, busting away at your keyboard and when you try to get up for that tea break, your neck reminds you not so kindly that it had muscles that once lived in relaxing harmony until I came along and tensed them up (or so I used to know).

One of those amazing health benefits is that it can relieve back and neck pain, which let's face it, is a chronic issue amongst the Brits, Americans, South Africans and most workaholics. So instead of paying hundreds of pounds on expensive health chairs, look no further than the humble hammock to solve more than just one issue.

If you don't have a hammock chair just yet, go to a store and sit in one, feel how your body responds to it automatically and your muscles and joints already just know what to do, this is when your body is self-aligning and is reducing your physical stress on your joints and spine, especially which in turn is reducing and inflammation and pain that usually follows bad posture and pressure.

It can reduce muscle strain- especially if you're sitting in one position over prolonged periods of time whilst working on your laptop in your office. A hammock has the built-in ability to mould according to your unique weight and body shape, which then provides individual and pinpoint support to your body, removing added stress on your pressure points, relaxing your muscles and allowing the blood to flow much more easily throughout your entire body, all whilst using the correct chair whilst working. The support of the chair also helps your vertebrae to self align which is why your body can reduce your back pain.


Working from home

Bringing the relaxation of a holiday into your office:

Imagine a world where whilst you work, your back, neck and body is being perfectly supported to relieve all your pains, stress and promote better blood flow- only a hammock/ hammock chair can do this for you. There's a reason why your body feels much more differently on holiday than whilst at work (even if it is from home), that's because your muscles respond differently to your environment and your posture more often than not follows the pattern.

A hammock chair can relax your body as if you're on an island, whilst your mind is busy producing the work results you've ever put out.

Did I mention how easy they are to store away or move around, even your house helper can do that by herself? Himself without needing Mr Muscle man to come to the rescue, because, unlike expensive office chairs or recliners, hammock chairs are super lightweight and being so easy to move, it also means you don't have to compel yourself to sit in the same spot all the time.

This calm and relaxing environment naturally can only lead to better concentration levels, increasing your ability to focus. Got too much to do and limited time to read that 136-page report? Simply sitting in a hammock chair in your office can focus your mind and you can get through that report faster than you thought because no part of you is focusing on body pains that don't exist.

Got kids that cannot be left unsupervised and you have tons of work to do? Put them in your home office in a hammock, whilst they're letting their own imaginations go wild in one section of the room, you're producing your best work yet in your own section.

A hammock chair for mum and dad, and one for the kids (we even have family-sized hammocks, go check them out here).


Transitioning from work to home:

After work, how about you take 30 minutes more to transition from office life to home life with a quick meditation session or unwind session with yoga, I mean why not. It's your house and office and your hammock!

How you use your hammock chair is up to you, how you use it to dress your mood and your room is also up to you, the possibilities of this "health-relaxation" chair are endless, so join our community of believers and share your experience.

Happy Hammocking!