11 Of The Most Innovative Hammock Creations

Sometimes it's nice to think outside of the box, break away the chains, throw off the bowlines (you get the idea...) We have pulled together some of our favourite pictures of inspiring spots to hang your hammock, have a look and let us know, how do you hang yours?

Natural large

1) Decorate the area around your hammock, who wouldn’t want to get cosy in there?

Cosy light

2) You could even get creative with some fairy lights and a tree… it’s the stuff dreams are made of right there!

Hammock with a view large

3) What a great view… perfect hammock placement!

Car large

4) This takes an impromptu drive to a whole other level, anyone for an adventure?

Camp fire

5) Keeping in the spirit of adventure, get the marshmallows out, maybe the guitar?

library large

6) WOW! What a hammock hangout, quite the library, I don’t know about you, I could happily get lost in there!


7) Never has there ever been a more zen space, the sign says it all, a stress-free zone!

tree house

8) How much childlike adventure can you get in one picture, a treehouse, and not just one hammock, but TWO!

sea large

9) It wouldn’t be a proper list of inspiring hammock spots without a beach set up, this couldn’t look anymore idyllic in our book!  

under light

10) Another magical hammock, candles, fairy lights, cushions and a blanket, romantic inspo right there!


11) Wow this is very much a DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME moment… but we couldn’t create this list without this picture, adrenaline junkies, eat your heart out!

Now we might have told you a fib and put 11 pictures up instead of 10, but we got inspired, and hey, with these to look at, who can blame us?

What we would love to do is see where you hang your hammocks, send in your pictures to hello@simplyhammocks.co.uk and inspire us!