Hammock Stands

Who needs a tree to hang you hammock... you don't! With a fabulous hammock stand you can spend more time lazing and less time hanging your hammock. Our hammock stands are made using German engineering so they are built to last - this customers is still going strong after 10 years!! Need help choosing a stand? CLICK HERE...  WOOD / METAL
The difference between our stands comes down to two things - size and material. We have put the size range of the hammock each stand can accept on the image, along with the wood type. Spruce is our softer wood and Larch is our premium harder wood.

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    12 years experience


    We love hammocks so much that in 2010 we set up Simply Hammocks, selling the worlds finest hammocks. We ONLY sell hammocks we would want to own ourselves and after speading happiness to thousands of gardens around the UK, we consider ourselves experts in all things hammock!

    All our hammocks come with 12 month warranty and free delivery, and if you have any questions we are here to help.

    Hammock stands FAQs

    All of the wooden material we use for our hammock stands is 100% FSC certified, whilst being sustainably & eco-friendly harvested. We have stands made from tough Spruce wood and hardened Pine, however, if we had to choose, we would say our Larch wood hammock stands are the best.

    Our metal hammock stands, due to being lighter than our wooden hammock stands, are easier to put up and take down. However that being said, regardless of the material of your hammocks stand, we recommend that once your stand is up, it stays up.

    All of our wooden hammock stands are produced from the finest grade of materials, as well as undergoing unique lamination or dipping bath processes. We have customers whose wooden hammock stand is going strong after 15 years, it all boils down to how well you care for it. The better you look after it, the longer it will last.

    All our metal hammock stands are produced from top-quality, powder-coated steel so will last for many years. As a rule of thumb we say, the better you look after your metal hammock stand, the longer it'll last.

    Good question, whilst you have the freedom to pick and chose which products you would like, you need to bear in mind the compatibility of our hammocks and stands.

    To find what's compatible, you can check our compatibility guide, or see the appropriate stands under each hammock on its product page.

    Whilst we only sell the finest products that we would use ourselves, we feel that Amazonas is better. Jobek stands are brilliant, french designed hammock stands but their stands don't undergo the same protective measures Amazonas's stands do.

    No you don't. All our wooden hammock stands have a chain and pin attachment system at each end where you fix the hammock ends onto. All metal hammock stands have an out-facing arm that you hook the hammock eye (end knot of the hammock) onto.

    All of our Amazonas wooden stands have undergone a dipping bath or lamination process to create a protective coating around the wood. You are, however, able to re-oil your wooden hammock stand should you wish. Do bear in mind that you may likely need to sand the stand down before re-oiling.

    Any outdoor wood oil should be suitable, but if you're unsure, feel free to contact us.

    Our metal hammock stands are a one-person job that will take 10-15minutes. Our wooden hammock stands are a two-person job that can take 20-30 minutes.

    The best and cheapest way to prevent wildlife from damaging your stand during the night is to hang a windchime on each end of the stand. In many cases, the noise this produced will scare them off.