We're the UK's #1 hammock retailer selling a wide range of hammocks for lazy days in the garden. We know everything about hammocks having sold them for over 10 years, so if you want to speak to an expert please call us now on 01748 471 299 - we would love to help. 


    This is my third hammock with Simply Hammocks and they always look after me. Delivery was quick and all three hammocks are still going strong. Happy customer!

    Daniel S

    I have always owned hammocks and decided to order from Simply and I have been so impressed in the quality. It really is built to last!!


    Hours of fun was had during lockdown in my hammock. It is the happiest thing in my garden and has given our family so much joy.

    Mrs Stevens

    So happy with my hammock, it is such good quality and so comfortable. Gin, sunshine, a good book and my hammock - my recipe for happiness.

    Emma S
    12 years experience

    We love hammocks so much that in 2010 we set up Simply Hammocks, selling the worlds finest hammocks. We ONLY sell hammocks we would want to own ourselves and after speading happiness to thousands of gardens around the UK, we consider ourselves experts in all things hammock!

    All our hammocks come with 12 month warranty and free delivery, and if you have any questions we are here to help.

    Hammock FAQs

    Need more help choosing a hammock?

    Be sure to watch our famous hammock guide video or use our hammock finder tool.

    Firstly measure the gap between the two fixing points and then ensure you select a hammock that has an end-to-end length that is lower. You can find this on each hammock in the specifications. You can then use our fixings to make up any shortfall as they are all adjustable. The easiest option is to suspend your hammock from one of our stands.
    To learn more read our Buyers Guide.

    You can hang a hammock in many different ways. The easiest way is to hang it on one of our stands, which are available in metal or wood. If you click on a hammock and scroll down, you will see the compatible stands for that hammock.

    Alternatively, if you have trees in your garden you can hang it between two trees using our adjustable tree fixings. Alternatively you can hang it between posts or walls, using our wall fixings. And, if you have one tree, you can support the other end with our special Madera Post.

    As one of the only hammock brands to independently test our hammocks and stands with the European TUV (a safety accreditation) and the GS (quality mark) you can rest assured that our range is built to last.

    How long it lasts largely depends on how well you care for it, but we have customers with products that have lasted over 10 years. Making sure to keep our hammocks clean and dry, always helps.

    This is really up to you, but you want to hang it so it is low enough for you to get into, so we recommend setting it around waist height from the ground. You also want to consider other people in your home that may want to use it. We recommend 120cm above ground level for the perfect set up.

    You can leave all our hammocks outside and the occasional shower will not hurt them, providing they had time to fully dry. However, if they are continually wet or left out over damper periods, mould could form and this wil weaken the material. Some of our hammocks are made with more weatherproof material, so they are more resistant to rain and sun fade, allowing them to dry faster too.

    We categorise our hammocks in sizes single, double or family. Since every person is different, you can see the weight capacity of each hammock on the product specifications. We do test the hammocks well beyond these weights, to allow for sudden movements, but always recommend you order based on the weight you intend to use in it.

    Just remember when ordering a hammock and fixings/stand together, ensure the capacities are suitable for your use.

    We have been selling hammocks since 2010 and we are now Europes largest hammock retailer. Our success is the result of being very strigent on the products we sell and we have a very simply strategy of only selling hammocks we would buy. Our range of hammocks are comfortable, fashionable but most importantly of the highest standard. You can buy hammocks cheaper elsewhere, usually made in China, but they will at best last one season and could fail resulting in injury. Our hammocks do not fail.

    We only work with brands that have strong ethics, all of our hammocks are made by well paid and looked after employees, in South America. The factory that produces the stands has a zero-carbon facilty, where the saw dust from cutting is collected and condensed into brickets which are then used to power the factory.