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Hover Hammock

RRP: £9,999.99


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Let your troubles float away with the Hover Hammock, with spreader bars, provides ample room to relax in the typical North American Style. The net structure of this hammock will give you a refreshing experience on hot summer days, accompanied with the two UH-19A Hovercraft engines allows air to flow smoothly, keeping you cool.

Hover Hammock is made of pure, high-quality cotton. The spreader bars are made of luxurious Shorea wood.


Hover Hammock... the sky's the limit 

Lying Surface L X W (cm): 185 x 140
End to end length (cm): 370
Product Weight: 4.8 kg
Load Capacity: 160 kg
Colors: Ecru
Material: 100% Cotton
How To Wash: Hand wash
Addtl Info: Keep dry during winter
Engine: 2 x UH-19A
Range: Pull Start or Happy thoughts
Speed: 40 mph

 Caution: Do not drink and fly, be cautious of flying birds.