Tropilex Hammock Chair Mexico Rainbow Hammock Chair
Tropilex Hammock Chair Mexico Rainbow Hammock Chair
Tropilex Hammock Chair Mexico Rainbow Hammock Chair

Mexico Rainbow Hammock Chair

  • Simply Hammocks stopped trading with this manufacturer and chose to focus on providing the highest quality of product - Amazonas.

Over 30 years ago our founder Matthias traveled through South America in a canoe, sleeping in a hammock he made with the help of the Huaorani Indian tribe. It transformed his experience and gave him the rest he needed to travel through the dense rainforest, and avoid being bitten by the many critters that roamed the forest floors.

Returning to Germany he began to sell hammocks to his friends and family. Eventually, demand grew and now Amazonas is recognised as one of the best manufacturers of hammocks in the world with factories in South America and around Europe.

All our hammocks are now made by skilled experts using only the best materials, which is why we are the only hammock manufacturer to carry the GS Quality and TUV Safety marks, which recognise the exceptional safety and quality of what we do.

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What we say..This Mexican hanging chair can happily withstand a rain shower. We always advise that you keep the Mexican hanging chair in a dry place when not in use.

The Mexico Rainbow Hammock Chair has hundreds of thin threads give the body maximum support. Sitting in a Mexican hanging chair is unbelievably relaxing and super comfortable.

With the Mexican hanging chair, the risk of snapping the threads is also minimal thanks to the composition of the material used. A mix of nylon and a little bit of cotton makes for very strong and soft threads.

Although the name 'Mexican hanging chair' suggests otherwise, this hanging chair comes from India. Our Mexican hanging chairs are woven by dozens of women in a small village in the south of India. The weaving is a real handicraft. The hanging chairs are therefore woven by the women at home. It takes 1 to 2 days to weave one Mexican hanging chair.

Material Dimensions L x W (cm) 115 x 135
Made From: Cotton
Load Capacity: 200 kg
Weight: 3.2 kg
Bar: 115 cm wide
Recom. hanging height (cm) at least 190


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The Little Nazareno


When you buy a hammock from us you are providing homes, schooling and guidance to neglected children who live on the streets of Brazil.

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We have had great customer service from start to finish, very personable. I've been setting the hammocks up and it's super-easy and it feels like your building a ship which is an added bonus. Great, great, bloomin great.

Oliver S

Cracking hammock I bought for the wife’s 60th. She seems to fall asleep effortlessly in it. First class after-sales service, so refreshing. I can't speak highly enough of this company and would recommend the hammock without reservation.

Jon M

The products are really well made and very sturdy. It was easy to put together and the hammock is so comfortable. Delivery was lightening fast and I am going to order a travel one to take away with me on my holidays.

Peter Ja

My first hammock and I am not sure how i have survived without one. It is the best feature in my garden and has already given me hours of relaxation.

Jenny Patersons