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Colour: Orange

Finding a hammock and stand combination can be tricky. So we have done all the hard work for you with our Compatibility Guide. This is our most up to date resource for stand compatibility on the website.

Amazonas Hammocks & Stands:

Hammock Type Load Capacity APOLLO









  CAPACITY 160kg 200kg 120kg 100kg 200kg 200kg 120kg 200kg 
XXL Nemo Classic 200kg      
Adventure Moskito Thermo Classic 150kg ✔★   ✔★
American Dream Spreader 180kg   ✔★     ✔★
Arte Classic 200kg      
Aruba Spreader 180kg   ✔★ ✔★ ✔★
Barbados Classic 200kg      
Brasilia Spreader 150kg   ✔★ ✔★
Chico Classic 80kg ✔★   ✔★        
Colombiana Classic 200kg      
Florida Classic 150kg   ✔★
Gigante Lava Classic 280kg              
Lambada Classic 150kg ✔★ ✔★
Miami Spreader 150kg   ✔★
Extreme & Thermo Classic 200kg        
Traveller & Traveller Pro Classic 150kg      
Palacio Spreader 200kg      
Palm Beach Spreader 200kg          
Paradiso Classic 200kg      
Rio Classic 200kg      
Salsa Classic 150kg   ✔★ ✔★
Samba Spreader 150kg   ✔★ ✔★
Santana Classic 150kg   ✔★  
Silk Traveller Spreader 150kg      
Silk Traveller Thermo Classic 200kg   ✔★ ✔★  
Silk Traveller XL Classic 200kg ✔★   ✔★
Silk Traveller XXL Hammock Spreader 200kg      
Tahiti Spreader 100kg   ✔★ ✔★
Fat Hammock  Spreader 200kg          
Tobago Spreader 120kg   ✔★ ✔★ ✔★
Tobago Grande Spreader 180kg   ✔★  
Tonga Classic 120kg     ✔★ ✔★
Tropic Dream Spreader 180kg   ✔★     ✔★
Ultra Light Adventure Classic 150kg   ✔   ✔    ✔   
Hammock Type Load








  ✔★ - Means an additional Liana Fixing is required for the stand and hammock to be compatible.

Jobek Hammocks & Stands:

Hammock Type  Load Capacity

KLASS 350 


KLASS 370 


KLASS 400 



  CAPACITY 120kg 120kg 160kg                 


Spreader 120kg ✔★
Kocon Classic 120kg
Kolor Spreader 120kg ✔★
Komplice Spreader 120kg ✔★
Kouple Spreader 160kg     ✔

Hanging Chairs

Finding a compatible hanging chair and stand is a lot easier as they all fit together. However it's worth noticing the load capacities of your combination. We don't know your weight or how many people will be in the chair at any given time, so please ensure you check both chair and stand can support the weight.

Stand & Chairs   Atlas






  CAPACITY 160kg 120kg 120kg 120kg 200kg 200kg
Belize Hammock Chair 120kg  
Bogota Hammock Chair 180kg  
Brasil Gigante Hammock Chair 200kg  
Brasil Hammock Chair 150kg  
Globo Kids Hanging Chair 35kg  
Globo Royal Double Seater Hanging Chair 200kg  
Globo Single Hanging Chair 120kg
Hang Mini Childrens Hanging Chair 60kg  
Hang Solo Hammock Chair 150kg  
Hangover Hammock Chair 150kg  
Havanna Hammock Chair 150kg  
Palau Hammock Chair 120kg  
Panama Hammock Chair 120kg  
Relax Hammock Chair 120kg  
Swinger Hammock Chair 120kg  
    Atlas Palmera
Luna Globo


Last updated 1 hour ago - The GOOD NEWS is we're still dispatching orders and our couriers are collecting each day.  Please be aware that delivery times may vary due to the global disruption of the Coronavirus. We really appreciate your patience and continued support. For more information on Covid-19 click here.

Free Express Delivery

At Simply Hammocks we offer Free Express Delivery (97% arrive next day) on all UK orders. There is no minimum spend so it's free even if you are ordering a large hammock or small fixing. All orders are sent on our Express Service as standard and 97% will arrive the next working day if placed before 14:00. The 3% that don't usually arrive within 2 days of ordering. Not bad for a free service hey! Where the next day service is not available, you will see a delivery estimate on the product page before you order. 

Easy Returns

At Simply Hammocks we want you to be 100% happy which is why we offer a simple 14 day returns policy. Plenty of time for you to decide if you like your new hammock. Occasionally hammocks are purchased as gifts so if you need longer than 14 days please drop us an email and we will happily oblige. 

Learn more about our Free Express Delivery and Easy Returns.

So, you’re looking for your perfect hammock right? Well, you've come to the right place! Here at Simply Hammocks we are the experts and have a fantastic selection of hammocks of all shapes, sizes and styles. 


1)  Join the 35,000+ people who have watched our video below!
2)  Use our Clever Hammock Finder Tool
3)  Call one of our experts on 01748 471 299
4)  Download our Hammock Guide 2021


1. Where are you hanging it?

 So you have the perfect spot in mind and just need some help finding the right hammock for that space.

Most people hang their hammocks from trees in the garden, on ceilings and walls at home and on purpose built hammock stands. 

If you are looking to hang you hammock on a stand then check out our hammock sets or you can configure your own stand and hammock combination by using our Compatibility Guide. Our stands are all weather proof and whether you go for a wooden or metal stand will come down to your budget.

If you are hanging the hammock between trees or walls then you will need to measure the space and ensure it is at least 2.5 - 6 meters wide. If you only have one tree or wall then you can use a Madera Post. You will also need fixings depending on how you are going to hang your hammock:
Type of hang What you need On a stand Use our Compatibility Guide Between two trees Smart or Micro Rope Fixing I only have one tree! Smart or Micro Rope Fixing + Madera Post Between two walls Easy Plus Hammock Fixing I only have one wall Easy Plus Hammock Fixing + Madera Post Wooden posts or beams Jumbo Fixing On ceiling Power Hook or Rotating Swivel Fixing


2. How big do you want the hammock to be?

Single Hammocks

are very generous and are what most of our competitors call doubles. Our Double Hammocks will comfortably accommodate 2 adults whilst our Family/XL Hammocks will take three or more adults easily.

On each of our product pages we have specifications that shows the lying surface. This is the total space available for occupants to lie on. We also have load capacity which details the maximum weight the hammock can take. All worth keeping in mind when choosing the right size hammock.



3. Will it be left outside much?

EllTex range. It can withstand rain, UV rays and is soft just like cotton.

To learn more about leaving hammocks and stands outside read our quick guide here.


4. What style and colour do you want?

Spreader Bar Hammock has a wooden pole which spreads out the bars at each end and gives the hammock a flatter profile. Some people prefer the look of these but they can be trickier to get in and out of because the material is so taut. 

None Spreader Bar Hammocks or Classic Hammocks do not have a wooden pole which means there is more fabric so you can move around easier. On a windy day you can even use the fabric as a blanket, or turn you hammock into a make shift chair to sit upright in and they are usually a lot easier to get in and out of. If you are planning on sleeping in your hammock then a None Spreader Bar Hammock is more comfortable as you can sleep in a traditional diagonal position. 

(ii) Cotton vs Nylon vs Weather Proof
Cotton hammocks are extremely comfortable, fast drying if you do get caught out in the rain and very breathable. They are definitely the most comfortable type of hammock and come in a vibrant array of colours and patterns.

Our Weather Proof Hammocks are made using EllTex fabric which is a cotton and polyester mix. They are resistant to UV rays and rain, so can be left out all year round. Despite them being a lot stronger than cotton, they still are very soft and comfortable.

Lastly there are Nylon Hammocks, ours are made using parachute silk. It is extrememly tear proof, breathable and super lightweight so perfect for anyone travelling around with a hammock.

(iii) Colours vs Patterns
This really comes down to your own preference. However darker colours and patterns will hide dirt better so your hammock will look cleaner for longer. Lighter colours on the other hand are less likely to fade in the sun. 

If you are unsure you can always call the hammock experts (that's us) on 01748 471 299






We plant 20 trees for every Tent sold! For every tent purchased we make a donation to plant 20 trees with our partners: Arbor Day Foundation, Eden Projects and WeForest.
So far we have supported the planting of around 130,000 trees in
projects located across Madagascar, Zambia and Oregon

Our award-winning flagship Stingray Tree Tent with unrivaled headroom and a stable triple-hammock floor comfortably accommodates three adults, or two adults and two children, along with gear, bedding, entertainment, and even the family dog.

The ultimate adventure basecamp, the unique center floor hatch allows entry from below while a large front door offers a commanding view from above. A 100%-waterproof, UV-resistant rainfly clips directly to the ratchets, and its distinct lateral wing cut keeps gear and ground dry below.

To really elevate the experience, add a Trillium Hammock and a webbing ladder underneath to create our original, multi-story 'Stack.'

Everything you need to get off the ground packs neatly into a stylish, compact duffle bag including: the tent, the poles, the rainfly, three ratchets, and three 19’ lines of flat webbing.

For every tent purchased we make a donation to plant 18 trees with our partners: Arbor Day Foundation, Eden Projects and WeForest. So far we have supported the planting of around 130,000 trees in projects located across Madagascar, Zambia and Oregon

Stingray Hacks
The Stingray Tree Tent can also become a multi-story camping base for six by setting up a Trillium underneath the tent. The rain fly flaps can be rolled and toggled out of the way above the front door, or folded under the tent and hooked to the central hatch creating a second windbreak and a thermal buffer. Once you have some experience with your Tentsile, you can save up to 2kg by dropping two ratchets from your system by using our WebLocks.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
Tree Tents are a new concept and have a learning curve. Please read all our instructions on Set Up, Pack Down and Maintenance carefully, and try a practice pitch. If you still aren’t sure, just ask! We stand by the quality of our products, so if you aren’t 100% satisfied, return your clean, dry product to us within 4 weeks for a full refund.Please note: The floor colour is apple-green on all tents. DO NOT EXCEED MAXIMUM LOAD 400kg. MAXIMUM SET UP HEIGHT IS 1.2m. Do not leave unattended for extended periods of time 

Set up time: 15 minutes
Seasons: 4 (not including Arctic Circle winter)
Poles: 2 x 8.5mm diameter anodised aluminium alloy 7001 T6
Size: 410 x 410 x 410cm
Pack Down Size: 58 x 24 x 24cm
Floor area: 7m²
Dry Porch Area: 12m²
Doors: 2
Interior Height Unloaded: 100cm
Weight: 10kg
Roof: Tear resistant insect mesh. It offers protection against the smallest sand flies
Flysheet: Removable 70D PU coated waterproof polyester, 3000HH, in a choice of colours. Area 14m²
Floor Fabric: 240D inclined joint nylon-polyester composite fabric reinforced with 20+ metres of seatbelt
Ratchets & Straps: 3 x 6m straps and heavy-duty ratchets buckles- 25kN minimum breaking strength
Pegs: 3 x Giant Pegs
Maximum Capacity: Three adults and their gear or two adults and two children
Maximum Load: 400kg

Stingray Set Up Guide


Balancing and Equalising