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TiiPii Bed & Stand Set - White

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What we say...A perfect pocket away from the world, hang it anywhere you like and share it with up to 4 adults. Best still, it packs away like a contortionist into a 70cm travel bag that weighs only 7kg - that's less than the hand luggage bag you take on flights!

Introducing the brand new TiiPii Hanging Bed and Stand Set, the worlds most beautiful way to hang, open to all the wonderful elements and big enough to accomodate 4 adults. This TiiPii includes the official TiiPii stand.

Our new TiiPii hammock stand artfully embodies the conical shape and portable structure of a traditional teepee…. Cleverly keeping it in theme to all things TiiPii!

So no need to stress if you don’t have that perfect tree to hang a TiiPii from...And no need to question your dubious knot-tying skills either …Nope, life's far too short for all of that!

Instead, just nab yourself the bargain that is our TiiPii Bed and Hammock Stand package.  Job done!

The Tiipii is a portable hammock bed which you can hang wherever you want. It packs down into its own easy 70cm travel bag and because it weighs less than 7kg, it means you can take it where ever you like.

You can hang it from a tree, a stand, from the ceiling in a childrens bedroom, under a balcony, on patio or anywhere you can think. It's the perfect place to play, snuggle, snooze, relax, camp or explore.

TiiPii Bed Specs:

Base: 180cm Diameter
Height: 175cm
Load Capacity: 250kg
Weight 7kg
Material: Marine Polycotton (anti-mould, UV & water-resistant)
Extras: Includes bag + 5 minutes to set up
How to wash: Machine washable

TiiPii Stand Specs:

Base: 275cm Diameter
Height: 250cm
Load Capacity: 250kg
Weight 10kg
Material: Galvanised Steel Powder Coated White                  
Extras: Includes Carry Bag

View TiiPii video below

What TiiPii say...
TiiPii is a luxurious portable floating bed or ‘hammock’ that provides a unique relaxing space for your friends, family and children.  When not in use, she packs right back down into a canvas carry bag so your portable hammock can be taken absolutely anywhere… Truly embodying the essence to that of a nomadic teepee.

Authentic in Aussie style with its clever yet minimalist design, TiiPii is beautifully suited as an indoor hammock, outdoor porch bed, hanging chair, floating bed or luxury camping hammock alike ... So grab your loved ones and bundle them inside- as TiiPii is suitable to bear up to 250kgs at one time.

With this one-of-a-kind design the uses and applications are truly endless; and utterly perfect for both private and commercial uses alike.

Lightweight & Easy Storage
Assemble your TiiPii Bed simply in only 5 minutes. 

With the option of attaching the ambient canopy included to the top of your hammock bed, you can benefit from the breeze and enjoy the shade whilst staying free from bugs … Or just use it as a decorative accessory to set the mood or create the ultimate ‘teepee’ theme when glamping.

After all the fun, TiiPii Bed packs right back down for transportation or easy storage into a small 70cm portable hammock travel bag, weighing just 7kg. 

Nice & Roomy
TiiPii is easily spacious enough for 3-4 adults, or 4-6 children and capable of supporting 250kg.

Sustainable & Safe
Our ‘hammock of all hammocks’ is constructed from a super strong marine grade cotton & polyester blend of the highest quality.  TiiPii is soft to the touch yet anti-mould, UV and water-resistant. Machine washable too!

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