Why our returns rate is less than 0.05%

Garden Hammock

Here at Simply Hammocks we only sell the best quality products. But the proof is in the pudding and looking at our data since we started it shows that our returns rate (due to faulty items) is lower than 0.05%. Even though we offer a 12-month warranty on all products sold, we're lucky if in a full year we get a handful of claims with most of them being caused by customers not following the care guidelines.

It comes as no surprise to us really, all of the products we sell are of the highest quality which is important when you want to relax suspended above the ground right?!

One of our best selling products is our wooden stands, so we thought we'd write a little piece explaining why they are such good quality and how to look after them.

Looking at our wooden stands from Amazonas, they are produced from high-quality spruce (or larch) wood. They are all subjected to a bath impregnation process which gives the wood a green/olive hue and protects the wood from weathering, insects and fungi - thus prolonging the life of the stand.

That said, if you want your wooden stand to serve you for many years to come we recommend giving it some TLC now and then.  

Over time, due to alternating damp and drying of wood, cracks appear along the fibre surface. They are a natural phenomenon and do not have a significant negative impact on the durability of the stand construction. Washing down surfaces to prevent dirt from entering the wood fibres is an easy two-minute job that will keep the stand looking good and in a good condition for longer.  

The wood can also be cleaned using soapy water and a hard brush. Heavy soiling and stubborn stains can be removed using a special wood cleaner - there are a variety of wood cleaners available. You can also use fine-grained sandpaper for heavy dirt that won't budge with the cleaner.

In the absence of seasonal maintenance, changing atmospheric conditions may change the colour of the wood to silver. I personally like the silver-tone of a seasoned wooden stand but if you want to preserve the natural colour of the wood we recommend pre-season sanding with soft sanding paper.

We don't recommend painting the stands with lacquers that create an air-impermeable and damp surface.  This will block the "wood breathing" and can contribute to its premature decay.

That being said, you could elect to just leave your stand outside, without any care for 10 years in the harsh winds and rains of Scotland, as one of our customers did.