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Kangoo Baby Cradle

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The Kangoo baby cradle is a luxurious hammock which is suspended at one single point above the hammock.The Kangoo can be buttoned up at both ends so that the baby feels absolutely safe and snugly; this makes Kangoo very similar to the womb and thus the ideal place for the baby to sleep in swaying gently to and from .

Kangoo can also be suspended in the Carrello Baby Stand and the Hippo Stand. 

Should you look for an extra layer of padding you might want to consider the Sunny Hammock Insulated Under-blanket.

It is suitable for the Carrello or Hippo hammock stands.

Lying surface: approx. 70 x 40 cm
Total length: approx. 90 cm
Length spreader bar: approx. 48 cm
Age: 0-9 months
Load capacity: max.: 15 kg
Weight: approx. 1.3 kg
Fabric: approx. 240 g/m²

Stand is for illustrative purposes only.

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