International Delivery

Here at Simply Hammocks, we ship our products all over the world without any problems. Thankfully, most of our range is small enough for couriers to handle, so we can get hammocks to the furthest points fo the globe within a matter of days. 

Due to the size and weight of our larger products (such as our stands), we have to use specialist couriers, which adds further costs. 

If you would like us to delivery your product outside of the UK, please contact us on 01748 471 299 before order so we can give you a competitive quote.

For International Services, you are responsible for paying any duties, taxes, levies, customs assessments, fines or other penalties and unusual costs, claims and expenses (including administrative costs) (“Duties”) for Transporting the Goods outside the UK. 

Please email for a tailored shipping quote. 

Product Example Delivery Method Delivery within Average Cost
Small items Hammock Courier by air
Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)**
3-7 days £20 - 70
Large items Stand Courier by air
Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)**
3-7 days £50 - 150
XL items Furniture Sea freight FOB* (read below) 10-12 weeks £50 - 500

*What you need to know about FOB orders?
We usually send larger items, like stands, via sea freight FOB. FOB stands for Free on Board and is a contractual term that relates to when the ownership of the goods are transferred from the seller to the buyer.

When we send items FOB, we are responsible for getting the goods from our warehouse in the UK to your local depot. So, the cost you pay at the checkout covers this only. You are responsible for any relevant paperwork your country of origin requires and may also incur local charges from that port such as import taxes, handling fees, storage fees etc. 

Overall, the cost of shipping this way is a lot cheaper than sending the item by air but we recommend contacting your local port to understand any procedures and charges specific to your region.

**What Is Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)?
Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) is an international trade term indicating that the seller is responsible for the safe delivery of goods to a named destination, paying all transportation expenses, and assuming all risks during transport.

Once the goods arrive at the agreed-upon location, the buyer becomes responsible for paying import duties, as well as further transport costs. However, Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) indicates that the seller must cover duties, import clearance, and any taxes.