Knit Hanging Chair - White

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Some time spent in the HAMACA Knit Hammock Chair is sure to lift your spirits, no matter what colour you choose. This large Colombian hanging chair is a soft and comfortable hideaway where you can relax.

It is made from 100% recycled cotton which is comfortable, strong and good to the environment. Experience this hammock chair's incredibly cozy, jacquard-woven fabric indoors or out! Like all Hamaca Colombian hammock chairs, it has Cadejos which are cotton 'chains' which help distribute the rate perfectly for maximum comfort.

It comes in a matching drawstring bag making it easy to carry or store. Why not take it down to the lake and hang it from a tree!

Material Dimensions L X W: 140 x 105 cm
Made from: 100% Recycled Cotton
Load Capacity: 130 kg
Weighs: 2 kg
Bar: 110 cm
Recom. hanging height: at least 220 cm

Compatible with the following frames: Atlas, Luna, Palmera, Tree Bands